Create a restaurant atmosphere your guests will enjoy

Your restaurant should be a place that guests want to visit again and again, and part of the appeal of your business is the atmosphere. Creating a pleasant experience for your guests means that they enjoy the ambiance of your restaurant, from the décor to the mood. Here are a few of the elements you need to factor in when creating a restaurant atmosphere your guests will enjoy.

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Light the way

Ambient lighting is crucial in creating the mood and can help project a vibrant, energetic vibe with bright lights or a more romantic, cozy feel with softer lighting. Using accent lighting can help to draw attention to restaurant features or to create separate dining areas. Don’t forget that lighting is functional, too – your staff needs to see to do their jobs and your guests will not be happy if it’s too dark to see their menus. Finding a balance with lighting that conveys the atmosphere you’re looking for and appeals to your guests is the perfect lighting strategy.

Also, today’s diners are often taking photos of their food to post, a practice that helps your restaurant get attention and build your brand, so think about including lighting that complements food photography as part of your strategy.

Sound decision

The noise level in the restaurant can get loud, so how do you decide what music will add to your restaurant’s atmosphere? You don’t want the music to be so loud that guests can’t talk to each other, but ambient noise can be relaxing and enjoyable for your guests. It’s also important that your music matches your business. For example, a charming bistro blaring rock music may send mixed messages to your guests.

The music you choose can also affect your traffic. According to studies, slow music encourages guests to linger, while faster music turns tables over more frequently, so this may also be a factor in deciding what music fits the feel of your restaurant.

Take a seat

Seating arrangements can also add to your restaurant’s ambiance. Do you want to encourage large groups with family-style seating? Or are you looking to add cozy booths for 2 with a more romantic feel? Consider your target market when you decide on seating placement in your restaurant.

Functionality also plays a part here – you need the seating arrangements to allow for your staff to easily access each table for efficient service, so don’t crowd tables together or have them so out of the way that your servers have trouble getting there.

Get the look

The décor in your restaurant can give customers an idea of what you’re all about, from the colour scheme to plants or accessories to the art you choose for the walls. The look of your restaurant (inside and out) tells customers what to expect when they visit, so be sure it conveys the image you want to portray.

Finding a balance between pleasing and functional, while reflecting your restaurant’s brand is the key to creating a successful atmosphere for your business.