prix fixe

Creating a prix fixe menu for your event

As the holidays approach and events are hosted, there may be occasions when your restaurant is looking to change up your special occasion menus. Prix fixe is a set menu with courses and a set price, and it can offer something a little different for your guests – not to mention alleviating some of the stress on your kitchen and restaurant staff.

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If you are thinking about implementing a prix fixe menu, there are a few things to keep in mind for a simple, seamless execution.

Include options

With a prix fixe menu, guests can feel like they are being forced into a meal so while it is a set menu, offering three options in each course will provide customers with the opportunity to pick their favourites while still sticking to a limited menu.

You may also want to include menus with two separate price points, so people can choose how much they want to spend. Consider offering a base menu with an upgraded version, so you keep the ingredients and your kitchen labour manageable, while still attracting guests with varying budgets.

Focus on the menu

There are a few ways to approach a prix fixe menu, but try and incorporate one or two favourite dishes from your regular menu. Since you know that these sell well, this will make sure that the menu appeals to your guests. Does your restaurant have a signature dish, or something you’d like to draw attention to? Include that on the menu so you can get people trying it and create a buzz around the dish and your menu. That way you can increase sales for that dish on your regular menu once the event is over.

Don’t forget to suggest pairings with each course. You can include this right on the menu or have your staff talk them up. Here’s a great opportunity to increase guest cheques while providing an elevated experience for your customers.

Fill your restaurant

Be sure to advertise the event and the menu wherever you can, from social media to local radio stations. As well, consider taking reservations so you can accurately predict your inventory, manage staffing, and increase marketing efforts if the seats are not getting filled.

Be sure to convey that the event is limited, feature seasonal flavours, and take reservations early so people are motivated to attend. A prix fixe menu is a great way to offer something different for your guests, create excitement around your restaurant, and get people trying new creations from your kitchen.