Delivery trends have some restaurants adjusting their approach

Off-premise dining remains a fan favourite for consumers, with dining out remaining only slightly more popular. In fact, 58 per cent of consumers have ordered delivery in the last month, compared to 62 per cent who have dined in a restaurant.

The frequency of ordering has increased, too, with 51 per cent of Canadians ordering food for delivery an average of two-to-four times per month. Food delivery is evolving, and operators need to be aware of these changes to continue to address their customers’ needs.

Time change

Some QSRs are capitalizing on higher traffic on typical off-peak times, like late-night and during breakfast hours. This trend is translating to delivery too, with breakfast delivery orders increasing by 53 per cent increase and late night delivery up 68 per cent. As well, 58 per cent of consumers are ordering delivery as a last-minute time-saver, when they have surprise company or run out of ingredients. Restaurants may want to consider adding or shifting their hours at the beginning or end of the day to accommodate higher traffic during these times.

On repeat

Humans are creatures of habit, and this is great news for restaurants, as 25 per cent of consumers have ordered from the same restaurant more than once in the last week, and 62 per cent order from the same restaurants on a regular basis. This provides the opportunity for restaurants to better get to know their customers, grow their loyalty programs, and count on repeat revenue, even when it’s delivery.

New age

Who is ordering the most delivery these days? Studies show that it’s Gen Z that leads this category, with over 30 per cent ordering delivery more frequently than last year. So, it may be time to take a look at restaurant marketing, determine where your target customer will see your content, and adjust what and where you are advertising. Gen Z is most frequently on social media, with 54 per cent spending an average of four hours or more on their platforms per week.

Restaurants trying to capture that audience need to post regularly, follow relevant accounts, engage with their audience, and encourage guests to share about their restaurant. This is a great way to attract more visits and capture the attention of a whole new crowd.

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Online food orders are expected to account for about 40 per cent of restaurant sales, so it’s important to keep up with the trends so you can deliver experiences your customers want to repeat. As delivery continues to pick up speed, restaurants need to find ways to capitalize on higher traffic times, boost loyalty, and target their customers to build those bottom lines.