Don’t say goodbye to summer just yet!

By Shelby Morrison

Although fall has just begun, the weather hasn’t been feeling like it. While the warm weather still remains, let’s try and hold onto summer for a little bit longer. Your guests at the restaurants have surely enjoyed the seasonal food during the summer, but there’s no reason to stop just yet. There are many items and dishes that can still be enjoyed before we say goodbye to the warm weather for another year.

For starters, a classic summer activity is roasting s’mores by the campfire. Since the evenings are getting a little chilly, the idea of warming up around a fire is reminiscent of a summer evening.  To mimic this at your restaurant, offer up your own version of s’mores, whether it is in a brownie, ice cream or bringing a small fire pit to the table so guests can make their own s’mores.

Sangria, whether at a restaurant patio, in the backyard or at the cottage, is the best way to enjoy wine during the summer. This refreshing cocktail is practically made to be enjoyed outside during the warm weather. Since the weather is not yet too chilly, guests are still able to sit outside on your patio and sip sangria while relishing in the last days before the cold.

Barbecued food also has a way of reminding people of summer and relaxed days. Whip up some BBQ ribs, corn or even a simple burger to offer to your customers. The smokey flavour will keep your guests happy and have them almost forgetting that summer has come to a close.

Berries are still available for a little while longer, so why not take advantage of these beautiful fruits? A fresh, local berry, regardless of the type, is the perfect burst of summer in your mouth. Whether you use berries to top your favourite breakfast items, use them to make jam or throw them in a salad, berries are a healthy, sweet treat for all your customers.

With these ideas, here’s to hoping it can feel like summer (even if just in your restaurant) for a little while longer. Until next year!

Photo courtesy of Roco Julie.