DoorDash introduces in-app reviews, recommendations

DoorDash has announced that it is adding several new features to its app, including new ways for diners to rate, review, and find local restaurants.

Users can now find recommendations from local customers, read customer reviews and share their own, access curated lists that feature the most popular and top-rated local restaurants, and find highly rated spots.

The new features include a “Most Liked Items” section which allows customers to find trusted recommendations from locals at a glance with the “most liked” tags and rate new favourite dishes.

After ordering on DoorDash, consumers can rate the items from their order by tapping a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon. A restaurant’s three items with the highest number of “thumbs up” ratings are displayed on the menu with a “most liked” tag. The company says that already since it began piloting this feature, in the U.S. consumers are submitting more than 2.5 million item ratings per week.

“Written Reviews” offers the ability to read other customers’ feedback and reviews and share recommendations directly in the app, with the aim of helping them to discover new restaurants and cuisines on the app while equipping restaurant merchants with valuable customer feedback.

DoorDash says this will enable merchants to easily and quickly identify exactly what their customers love to eat at their restaurants, adjust their inventory accordingly, and optimize their staff’s training. 

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Other additions include “Top 10 Lists”, wherein a user can browse curated, dynamic lists that show the most popular, trending, and top-rated restaurants nearby; and “Most Loved All-Stars”, which allows users to find customer favourite restaurants.

DoorDash says the new visibility features could save users a total of 400,000 hours annually.