Drive restaurant sales by adding value

Tip of the Week:
Drive sales by adding value

September 8, 2014


Today's tip for restaurant operators: Deliver great experiences to large groupsValue driven check building is based on using what has already been ordered and creating some form of value for the guest that adds incremental sales to the check. Perhaps three of four guests order apps, so suggest a fourth for all to share or create a value combo with the addition of a beverage or dessert. The key is the guest gains value, and you get incremental revenue.

Courtesy of Neil Lester, founder of FirstOak Hospitality Consulting Inc. Lester is a seasoned restaurant executive with over 30 years’ experience in the Canadian hospitality industry. As Principal of FirstOak Hospitality Consulting Inc. he is focused on adding value for his clients in the areas of franchising, business planning and cost efficiency. Contact at or visit

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