Easy and effective ways to update your restaurant’s decor

Easy and effective ways to liven up your look
By Barbara MacDonald

August 30, 2012
Easy and effective ways to liven up your restaurant

Since a change is as good as a rest, it is likely time to liven up your look – perhaps a little, maybe even a lot!  We become so used to the establishment we own, operate or work in each day, we don’t seem to notice how long things have looked the same.

New bolder colours are certainly on trend, and a vibrant, gutsy coat of paint (interior and exterior), along with some freshened-up plants and greenery can give a fast face-lift to any dining establishment. Check out your cutlery, serving dishes and glassware too – a refresh there can make a real impression.

Every one of us feels alive again after a new hair cut or clothes to wear, so don’t overlook staff apparel either. Regular guests will notice your refreshed look, and it may just attract newcomers too.

Out with the dated, dull, dark and dreary. Let’s go in with a bold new look and lively attitude. It just makes good business sense.

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