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Enbridge Gas and IESO: Meet the people who are here to help

Enbridge Gas, IESO, and representatives of the Foodservice Distributor Discount Program are here to help foodservice businesses by offering financial support for equipment upgrades, which is especially helpful as the province begins to reopen. 

Ontario-based commercial kitchens and restaurants can get instant discounts of up to $1,000 on a wide range of ENERGY STAR® kitchen equipment through the Foodservice Distributor Discount Program.

Why is energy efficiency so important to Enbridge Gas, IESO, and representatives of the Foodservice Distributor Discount Program? We chatted with experts from each organization to find out a little more.

Tell us about your role — why are conservation and energy efficiency important to you?

Andy Chhoeu

Andy Chhoeu, Program Delivery Analyst at the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO): I am part of a team at the IESO that has been administering Save on Energy programs for the past 10 years, which helps Ontarians better manage their electricity usage and reduce demand on the province’s electricity system.

Over 250,000 residents and businesses have participated in a Save on Energy program since 2011, contributing to 16 TWh of electricity savings. Being a part of the Save on Energy team gives me an opportunity to provide support to businesses across the province to help them achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Roxana Andronache, Advisor, Commercial Program Design, Energy Conservation at Enbridge Gas: I have been leading the development of commercial energy conservation programs at Enbridge Gas for over five years. Our programs contribute towards lowering carbon emissions and over the last three decades have helped customers save over 30 billion lifetime cubic metres of natural gas and 56 million tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Knowing that my work contributes to lowering emissions is what motivates me to continue to create and implement innovative programs for our customers.

Tell us more about the DSM/CDM programs – why does Enbridge Gas/IESO provide incentives for energy efficiency?

Roxana Andronache

Andronache: Enbridge Gas’ variety of energy conservation programs for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities are offered to customers to help them reduce GHG emissions and lower their carbon footprint, cut operating costs, and create more comfortable, resilient spaces for their homes and businesses.

Chhoeu: Energy-efficiency programs deliver the lowest-cost solution to help manage electricity demand on our power grid and helps electricity customers keep their businesses competitive and their homes comfortable.

By participating in Save on Energy programs, participants can make lasting changes to improve their businesses and homes. This includes increasing business’s productivity and creating more attractive spaces for customers, while contributing value to the ratepayers of Ontario to avoid or postpone the need to build new generation such as power plants and transmission lines.

Why is energy efficiency so important for restaurants and small businesses? Where should small business owners start if they’re looking to save money on energy costs and new equipment?

Connor, Distributor Discount Program Representative: The foodservice sector operates on razor-thin margins and saving energy saves money – a win-win for everyone. There are plenty of ways to start saving now. I’d recommend regularly cleaning the compressor and fan unit on your refrigeration systems as it’ll go a long way in keeping performance up.

I’d also suggest getting in touch with your preferred foodservice equipment dealer and asking about the Foodservice Distributor Discount Program. You can also check out the Enbridge Gas and Save On Energy program pages for a list of participating distributors. My team and I can always be reached at [email protected] and 1-855-838-7816.

Andronache: Small business owners can start saving immediately by investing in high-efficiency equipment for their businesses. There are many types of high-efficiency cooking equipment for restaurants, such as ENERGY STAR® fryers, steam cookers, rack ovens, convection ovens, as well as high-efficiency under-fired broilers.

Also, with ventilation being one of the biggest energy users in commercial kitchens, upgrading a constant ventilation system with Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs. DCKV uses sensors to detect real-time cooking activity and adjusts ventilation accordingly, removing the need to have fans constantly running. This technology reduces commercial kitchen energy use by up to 60 per cent.

Chhoeu: Small businesses can receive instant discounts and reduce their electricity costs by investing in eligible ENERGY STAR® refrigerators, freezers, and ice machines. Restaurants rely on their refrigeration equipment to store and preserve their ingredients at the optimal temperature to ensure they can offer the best foodservice to their customers. By investing in energy-efficient refrigeration equipment, foodservice businesses can reduce their electricity consumption by up to 20 per cent compared to standard models, while also benefiting from improved equipment performance and reliability.

Find out more today!

For more information on the Foodservice Distributor Discount Program, contact a representative at 1-855-838-7816, contact your foodservice equipment dealer, or visit enbridgesmartsavings.com/foodservice or saveonenergy.ca/foodservice for a full list of eligible dealers, distributors, and qualifying equipment.

Enbridge Gas

Enbridge Gas discounts are only available to commercial and industrial customers in its service territory in Ontario, including those formerly served by Union Gas Ltd. IESO discounts are only available to businesses that sell eligible measures to commercial business that are connected to, or behind the meter of an electricity consumer connected to, the IESO-controlled grid in eligible parts of Ontario. To receive any discount, a completed proof of sale matched to the installation address must be provided by the participating distributor in accordance with applicable program requirements. Discounts are paid on a per unit basis unless otherwise indicated. Programs and discounts may be subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time. Enbridge Gas and the IESO make no representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the projected savings of any energy-efficiency measure or performance of installed equipment. Enbridge Gas and the IESO reserve the right to independently verify application information and confirm installation. Additional terms and conditions may apply; please ask your Enbridge Gas or IESO representative. ™ Save on Energy is a trademark of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Used under license. © 2021 Enbridge Gas Inc. All rights reserved.