Tip of the Week: Encourage beer and food pairings

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While wine is most often paired with food in restaurants, beer is another choice that may appeal to non-wine drinkers and make all the difference in your guests’ enjoyment of their meals.

Do research or consult a beer sommelier to expertly pair the brews you offer with dishes on your menu. Expand your selection to offer varieties that suit various dishes such as a light salmon steak (pilsner) or a heavy, meaty stew (stout), as well as ones that appeal to your guests. Even offer a quick lesson or display table cards for guests with instructions on how to properly pair beer with food and how to make the most of the pairing. Finally, consider offering one-ounce samples to guests to try with their food – once they taste it perfectly paired with their meal, it may encourage them to buy a whole pint.

Making these small tweaks can garner attention for your restaurant and keep guests coming through the door.


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