Top 100 Restaurants

Explore OpenTable’s Top 100 Restaurants of the Year

OpenTable has once again shone a spotlight on Canada’s most appetizing diverse culinary offerings with its Top 100 Restaurants in Canada list for 2021.

The provider of online restaurant reservations publishes the list every year, assessing the year’s most highly rated dining spots selected from more than 540,000 verified diner reviews from restaurants across the country. 

Featuring top destinations like Afghan Kitchen in South Surrey, nature-inspired Botanist in Vancouver , award-winning Giulietta in Toronto, authentic Japanese Sukiyaki House in Calgary, and Hoogan & Beaufort which is known for its regional delicacies in Montreal, OpenTable’s Top 100 Restaurants in Canada list features top-tier dining experiences from coast to coast.

British Columbia led the way this year with 36 restaurants on the list, followed by Alberta’s 33 and Ontario’s 28.

“After more than a year of restrictions, diners are eager to experiment and make up for lost time,” said Matt Davis, Country Director, OpenTable Canada. “This user-generated list of Top 100 Restaurants in Canada highlights restaurants that will help guide diners on their culinary adventures.”

Top 100 Restaurants in Canada for 2021

Based on this methodology, the following restaurants, listed in alphabetical order, make up the list of Top 100 Restaurants in Canada for 2021 according to OpenTable diners.

According to a recent OpenTable survey, almost half of Canadians (45 per cent) are culinary curious and interested in trying more experimental foods in 2022. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of Canadians anticipate dining at new restaurants and 60 per cent expect to see continued takeout/delivery options.

Canadians are also keen to keep the sanitization measures implemented this year with 63% expecting continued enhanced sanitation and 42% expecting mask requirements at restaurants. 

OpenTable also recently released its list of Canada’s best new restaurants in 2021. Check out the restaurants here.