Fantino & Mondello launch new breakfast charcuterie

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To help you get through this harsh winter, Fantino & Mondello offers comfort in the form of its new breakfast charcuteries—three gourmet specialties unlike anything else on the Quebec market. Made from 100 per cent Canadian pork, Fantino & Mondello products will enhance the flavour of your weekend brunches, whether at the cottage or at home.

Fantino & Mondello is reinventing the breakfast menu with these three new products: old-fashioned capicollo, pancetta (Italian-style bacon) and salciccia (Italian breakfast sausage). They are all precooked, so easy to prepare. Just grill them for five minutes. They can be eaten as is or used in all kinds of delicious recipes.

“Although Quebec’s food culture has evolved over time, breakfast hasn’t changed much. The menu is still the same as ever: bacon, ham or sausage. With these products, Fantino & Mondello is redefining the art of breakfast,” said Caroline Frégeau, the company’s national director of retail sales and marketing.

Fantino & Mondello’s new specialities add taste and warmth to cold winter mornings. On the Fantino & Mondello website, you will find recipes for eggs Benedict with capicollo, goat cheese and spinach; omelette with pancetta, grilled tomatoes and cheddar; a salciccia and pancetta mini-casserole; and lots more.

Fantino & Mondello charcuteries are available at IGA and Metro stores.

About Fantino & Mondello

Fantino & Mondello is a premium brand offering a variety of Italian deli products, such as pancetta, pepperoni, capicollo and many others, made of quality meats and other ingredients. The brand has built a solid reputation since 1949 thanks to its distinctive, innovative product line.

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