February’s best food holidays

While this month may be known most for Valentine’s Day, February offers a wide variety of potential celebrations for your restaurant guests to enjoy! Join in on the monthly fun by offering your patrons something new, re-engaging your staff, and boosting that bottom line.

February 4: Homemade Soup Day

Comfort food like soup is often a popular menu item at this time of year. While there aren’t many seasonal veggies during the winter, it’s a great time to use up those ingredients in the kitchen with weekly – and even daily – specials.  You can stick with the classics like mushroom, tomato, and squash, or incorporate those global flavours with dishes like Mexican tortilla, Tuscan bean, Italian wedding, and more.

Think about your profits, too, by coming up with combos that include salads or sandwiches so you can keep guests full and raise order totals. This one is a great addition to your takeout menu, too; it’s an easy one for guests to order and takeout or to have available as a grab-and-go option all winter long!

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February 9: Pizza Pie Day

Pizza is always a fan favourite, no matter how you slice it! While you likely already have pizza on your menu, mix it up with drink pairings, sampler platters, dessert options, and more, or get creative with flavours for your twist on this classic.

You could also go out of the box with deep dish, calzones, pizza cones, or anything else you think will attract attention and guest guests excited to visit!

February 11: Peppermint Patty Day

Peppermint is a timeless flavour that can be added simply to your menu, offering something for everyone. For adults, mint cocktails and mocktails provide almost endless possibilities, whereas mint-flavoured milkshakes and ice cream could hit the spot for kids.

Adding chocolate mint desserts to the menu will satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth, with features like brownies, lava cakes, fondue, and more. Make minis and sampler platter for the table to share and enjoy!

February 14: Valentine’s Day

Your guests are going to love celebrating Valentine’s Day with you. Make this day extra special with themed drinks and dishes, décor, and romantic music to set the mood. Make the most of your menu with a prix-fixe to add an upscale feel to the evening or create a buffet for something different.

If you want to draw in singles, create a ladies’ night vibe with special apps and drinks, host a speed dating event, or celebrate friends-giving instead by adding your own flair.

February 22: National Margarita Day

Finish off the month of holidays with a fiesta, featuring some of your best margaritas! While it doesn’t fall on a Tuesday this time around, why not make it a Taco Thursday? Pair flavoured margaritas with your best-selling dishes to make it easy for guests to choose from the menu.

Just want to focus on beverages? Consider creating some signature varieties and creating your own signature concoctions. You may also want to offer flights, featuring mini varieties, where guests can enjoy more than flavour.

Get guests coming back for more month after month by promoting and celebrating monthly food holidays!