Five Delicious Reasons to Visit the New Olymel Food Service Website

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You probably already know Olymel Food Service for our pork, bacon and poultry products. As our people are always looking to help you grow your business in any way we can, Olymel Food Service is now showcasing all of its products in a single, easy-to-use online site.

Our Entire Catalogue at Your Fingertips

You can now access our entire product catalogue on desktop, tablet or mobile. Whether you need to quickly find a fully-cooked product or a gluten-free solution, our filters will point you to the right products for your needs. We’ve also included a handy search feature that will allow you to quickly access your favourite items.

Complete Product Information

Whether you’re limited by your freezer size or you want to keep a limited number of SKUs in the kitchen, every product selection you make has an impact on your operational efficiency. That’s why we made sure you get all the info you need to make better decisions more quickly than ever before. Starting in October, you’ll get access to each and every product’s full nutritional profile and specs so you can quickly evaluate which choice is best for you.

Delicious Inspirations

Our corporate chefs continuously experiment with new recipe ideas and original new ways to use our products. Want to refresh your go-to favourite dishes? In need of some inspiration? Give our exclusive recipes a go and bring more creativity to your kitchen!

Real Insights from Seasoned Experts

Food for thought! Each and every week, our experts give you new insights into your operations. Whether it’s a new trend, delightful menu ideas or the latest in management concepts, you’ll get one weekly piece of advice completely free. Ever wonder if age has an impact on customer behaviour? Our latest post is about the different generations and how each views and values the restaurant experience. Check it out!

Marvelous Tools and Content on our Exclusive Olymel Hub

If you already like our weekly insights, you might be interested in taking a deeper dive into some subjects. By subscribing to our exclusive hub, you’ll access the full suite of content we have to offer, everything from success stories to market reviews to interview panels. And that’s not all. Not only will you get exclusive content updates completely free, you’ll also gain access to our tools suite, which allows you to list and share your favourite products. You’ll also be able to calculate cost per serving on tens of products with our easy to use calculator tool. As our exclusive hub will undergo regular updates, now’s the perfect time to get on board!

Our new website is online right now. Give us a visit at

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