Claudio Aprile

Five questions: Chef Claudio Aprile

By Marian Staresinic

Claudio Aprile is one of Canada’s most celebrated and visionary chefs and is the owner and creative force behind the growing Orderfire Restaurant Group, which includes Toronto’s acclaimed Origin brand restaurants. Throughout his career, which spans over 30 years, Aprile has passed through some of the most renowned kitchens around the globe. You can watch for Claudio on CTV’s MasterChef Canada, now in its third season, where he takes on the coveted role of culinary judge.

We caught up with Claudio on his journey as a chef, the biggest challenge he had to overcome as a restaurateur and much more.

Of all the renowned kitchens you’ve worked in across the globe, which cuisine do you find the most exciting?

I’ve had the privilege to work all over the world and experience so many diverse cultures and cuisines. Those experiences have had a profound effect on my life and shaped my culinary style. It’s impossible to pick one cuisine or one place. The most amazing part of cooking is that you never truly become an expert; there’s always so much to explore and learn. There are so many talented chefs with food to share.

What do you think makes owning restaurants in Toronto different?

Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. We’re an immigrant city with distinct ethnic communities. As a chef, these communities add so much excitement to my restaurants and encourage creativity. It’s really exciting to be cooking in Toronto.

Which chef or chef(s) have been your biggest influence?

I’ve been so lucky to have the fortune to work with so many talented chefs throughout my career. The one chef that has made the most profound impact on me is Mark McEwan.

What advice would you give to new chefs in this industry?

Find a great mentor and become a great mentor. Stay humble.

What do you do when you aren’t mastering the art of cuisine or overseeing your string of acclaimed restaurants?

Breaking the speed limit on my vintage Ducati or breaking a sweat on my bicycle.

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