employee uniforms

Five reasons employee uniforms can impact your brand

Employee uniforms make a big first impression in the eyes of the customers. Not only do they easily identify staff members, but they also reflect your brand’s image. A uniform can also have a large impact on how smoothly your restaurant operates. Following are five benefits of employee uniforms:

  1. Build team spirit

You want your employees to act as a team. When everyone works together toward a common goal, your restaurant is more successful and profitable. Uniforms can help you accomplish that. Uniforms build team spirit, and that creates a group mentality. Get everyone on the same team by requiring uniforms.

  1. Make employees stand out

Restaurants are busy places, and most customers want to get service immediately instead of trying to hunt down employees. Uniforms make it easy for customers to identify employees, so they can easily flag them down to get drink refills, place orders or grab the bill. That leads to happy customers, and happy customers leave bigger tips. That’s a win-win situation for everyone. Your customers will be happy they can find the employees without a problem, and your employees will be happy that they bring home more money at the end of the shift.

  1. Boost your branding efforts

The restaurant industry is cutthroat. There are restaurants on every corner, and you must come up with a way to stand out. You want people to think of your restaurant the next time they decide to grab a bite to eat. The best way to do that is through branding. Branding turns your restaurant into a household name. Branding isn’t just about business cards and websites; it’s also about uniforms. Consistent brand messaging across all platforms will make your restaurant stick in people’s minds. Then, the next time the Smith family wants to go out to dinner, your restaurant will be the first one that comes to mind. That’s a great reason to give your employees uniforms.

  1. Keep employees on their best behaviour

You have some amazing employees, but they are still human. If they wear their street clothes, they know they can blend in, so they may be less likely to be on their best behaviour. Identifiable uniforms change that, though, as they instill a sense of pride and responsibility. Customer service is key in the hospitality industry, so uniforms are a must.

  1. Save employees money

Providing your employees with uniforms saves them money, as they will not have to purchase an additional work wardrobe. They benefit from the savings and you benefit from having a polished-looking staff.

Your employees might grumble about wearing uniforms, but once they realize all the benefits, they’ll quickly get on board. Uniforms aren’t just good for your restaurant; they are good for the employees, as well. Talk to your employees about the benefits of uniforms so they’ll understand that everyone wins when they wear them.

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