Flavour First Approach: Ten Ways to Use Cardamom

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There are very few spices that stack up to the sweet and exotic flavours of cardamom. Known as the “queen of spices” cardamom gives off citrus and floral aromatic notes that have the power to elevate dishes. The spice is versatile and can be added to sweet and savoury meals, meats and even beverages as an unexpected addition or on the forefront of flavour. With Club House Gourmet Ground Cardamom, just the inner core is ground and used to ensure top quality and excellent flavours.

Here are some fun, outside of the box ways you can use cardamom in your next dish.


This Butternut Squash Agnolotti is satisfyingly delicious and comfort-food-worthy, as it’s infused with spicy citrus and herbal cardamom spice.


This warm and hearty Thai Beef and Potato with Peanut Curry is the perfect savoury meal for a cool fall evening.

Credit: Curtis Comeau

Ice cream

Vanilla who? The Mango Kulfi combines ingredients like creamy Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk with frozen mango and cardamom, for a sweet summer treat to beat the heat.


This Black Pepper Strawberry Coca With Smoked Chocolate Ice Cream And Spiced Rhubarb Syrup provides a unique combination of spice in one sweet and savoury dessert.

Vegetable Side Dishes

Everyone will want a second helping of veggies after trying this Roasted Asparagus With Haloumi and Citrus-Honey Drizzle.


An aromatic dish packed full of Indian and Middle Eastern flavour, this Curried Shrimp and Halibut With Cinnamon-Scented Rice is elevated by the combination of Club House Ground Cloves and Cardamom.


Take your granola to a whole new level with Popped Sorghum Granola. Hearty oats, nuts, fruit and a hint of cardamom spice to start your day off right.

Specialty Drinks

Cardamom coffee is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. Try another unique specialty drink like Golden Tumeric Milk.

Rice Dishes

A classic spice in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, cardamom shines in Chicken Tikka Masala.


This Coconut Custard Baked in a Pumpkin is a comfort dessert that’s sure to satisfy, with cardamom as the delicate addition to the fall favourite.

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