Food Day Canada celebrates Canada’s 149th year

Press release

On Saturday July 30th, it’s Food Day Canada – a chance for all Canadians to join in one massive celebration in praise of our farmers and fishers; our chefs and researchers, and, above all, our home cooks. In celebration of Canada’s 149th Year, Food Day Canada is launching Shop like a Canadian – a free online grocery list with 149 ingredients that we produce in Canada.

Seeing a growing gap in knowledge about what foods are actually cultivated and processed in Canada, and confusing “Made in” versus “Product of” labels, inspired Anita Stewart, Food Day Canada Founder and Food Laureate of the University of Guelph, to curate a list of 149 truly “Product of Canada” foods. It’s a fun and personal shout out to Canada’s producers.

“For years I’ve cajoled and coached people to cook like a Canadian, now it’s time to shop like a Canadian,” said Anita Stewart. “This list is a start to knowing where your food comes from and how to find it so you can celebrate every last tasty morsel grown in Canada. After all, Canada IS food and the world is richer for it!”

Making the list, some well-known foods like flour (of all sorts) and tons of dairy products. But there are also dozens of local contributions like Montreal-made couscous, Taber-refined sugar, and cider vinegar produced in the owners’ orchards. There’s VQA wine and craft beers from coast to coast and award winning cheeses from small fromageries all across the nation.

Stewart adds, “Because the United Nations declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses, the list has an array of pulse crops from beans and lentils to chickpeas and peas. They’re extremely healthy, good for the planet, and guess what…Canada’s the largest producer of lentils and peas on earth.” She quips, “Eating them is culinary nationalism at its best.”

To further honour Canadian foods, Food Day Canada has partnered with more than 250 restaurants.

“Our Food Day Canada chefs understand that local ingredients are fundamental to our dynamic food culture. They are Canada’s real brand advocates. On Saturday, July 30th, they will be creating their own hyper-local menus, with ingredients often so specific to their region that they cannot be replicated even a few dozen miles away,” said Stewart.

On July 30th, the Call to Action is aimed at all Canadians with an invitation to join the party, share their local foods stories and show each other what’s on the menu all across the land.

“The harvest is in and the abundance of the Canadian culinary landscape is evident everywhere,” added Stewart.

How to do it?
Join the FOOD DAY CANADA Twitter Party
On July 26th from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EDT, join the FoodDayCanada Twitter Party to tell us what Canadian–grown foods you love and what ingredients we missed. Follow us at @FoodDayCanada using the official Hashtags #FoodDayCanada #CanadaISfood.

Join FOOD DAY CANADA on July 30th!

On July 30th, Food Day Canada invites everyone to share their food story on Social Media. Food Day Canada has created a special page on its website, Tag your food images on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #FoodDayCanada or #CanadaISfood and it will appear on the FDC web site.

About Food Day Canada

Founded by Anita Stewart in 2003, Food Day Canada has become known as a special day mid-summer for Canadians to share their food and their stories with each other while leading other nations in cultural diversity, food ethics, magnificent flavours … and fun! The first Food Day Canada launched the World’s Longest Barbecue in response to the BSE crisis that devastated Canada’s cattle industry.

This Food Day Canada, Anita Stewart will travel from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Tofino, BC, to present the first two Food Day Canada/All-Clad Canada Awards to chefs in those communities.

Special thanks to Food Day Canada partners – the University of Guelph, Pulse Canada, All-Clad Canada, Dairy Farmers of Canada, KitchenAid Canada, Taste and Travel Magazine, and, the chef community of Canada. For more information, visit and @fooddaycanada.