food holidays

Five food holidays your restaurant can celebrate in March

March is full of fun holidays that will get your guests’ mouths watering and give you the chance to up your restaurant’s revenues. Celebrating food holidays at your restaurant is a great way to try out new promos, attract new customers, and offer your regulars an extra reason to return.

Bringing people together to try themed food, enjoy special décor, play games, and more, will get your guests talking about your restaurant and help you stand out from your competition.

Here are just some of the holidays you might want to celebrate this month:

March 1: Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day

From comfort food to upscale desserts, peanut butter is an ingredient you can really stick to! Consider comfort food like your twist on a pb and j for a nostalgic option. Or maybe you want to feature this ingredient in a classic chocolate and peanut butter beverage, like a smoothie or a shake. Feeling like showcasing a savoury option? There are lots of dishes that rely on peanut butter in their sauces, so don’t limit yourself to desserts and drinks to attract other peanut butter lovers to your restaurant. 

March 6: Oreo Cookie Day

This one’s for the dessert lovers in the crowd. Get creative making Oreo dishes that will get your guests ordering dessert. You could go traditional with Oreo ice cream sundaes, make mini puddings in shot glasses, or create your own original signature treat.

If you want to up the fun, you could suggest that guests order dessert first, so they don’t have to save room for dessert.

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

Give in to the luck of the Irish this year with a St. Paddy’s celebration. If you’re going with a themed menu, green beer, Guinness, and Irish whisky are always a hit, complementing dishes like Irish stew nicely. If you don’t want to create a whole new menu, you can simply add a few Irish touches, like swapping out your focaccia with soda bread, or adding Irish coffee just for the night. 

This is a holiday you can really embrace, so add to the ambiance with decorations and music. As this is typically a popular night to celebrate, you might consider taking reservations to help fill your space and staff accordingly.

March 25: Waffle Day

Waffles are often a crowd favourite, but they don’t have to be served in the morning! Serve them with fresh fruit for a breakfast-for-dinner feel, offer mini waffle samplers to share, create waffle sandwiches, or invent your own version of chicken and waffles to celebrate the occasion.

In 2022, dessert ordering was up 3.4 per cent over 2021, so here’s a day to capitalize on your guests’ taste for sweet treats!

March 28: Something on a Stick Day

Here’s a unique holiday that can really include anything you want. Does this look like fondue for two? Chicken satay appetizers? Fruit kebobs for the kids? From corndogs to ice cream, the sky’s really the limit on this one! Think of a creative way to serve your guests the unexpected, make the most of your ingredients, and simplify the process for your kitchen.

Spread the word

To fill up your restaurant, be sure to promote the food holidays you are planning to celebrate. Add details to your menu, post signage in your restaurant, and use social media to reach your audience. Encourage visitors to share the events and menu items in their feeds, too, so you can create excitement for the next one and draw in new patrons.

And don’t forget your off-premise diners. Your guests may want to celebrate the occasion at home, so give them some options they can take with them to get in on the fun.  

Food holidays give you the opportunity to offer something different and get attention for your restaurant, so choose your favourite days and start planning!