Food holidays to celebrate in November

As we approach the holiday season, there are some food holidays to celebrate that can get your restaurant team and guests feeling festive a little early. Celebrating food holidays gives guests an extra reason to visit, lets you try out items on your menu, and attracts new customers.

November offers some unique occasions, ending with some sweet celebrations. Choose the holidays that interest you most, come up with a plan, and start the festivities!

November 3: National Sandwich Day

This holiday offers you a chance to take your menu up a notch with new and unique sandwich choices! Go all out with a hoagie, offer build-your-own subs for kids, create new dishes like a peanut butter, bacon, and banana special. Who knows? You may find a new fan favourite to add to your regular menu.

You can create a whole new menu filled with sandwiches for the day or simply add a few new features to your existing menu. While this is a great one for the dinner crowd, it might also offer you a way to get more guests in for lunch.

November 9: National Nachos Day

Nachos are a classic favourite, but you may want to raise the bar for this holiday. Add some new options like nachos over waffle fries, a pulled pork edition, or try a dessert nacho dish to really stand out. If you have the room, consider adding a nacho bar for the day, where people can choose from a variety of toppings to get their nachos just right.

This one is great for dietary restrictions, too – it’s easy to offer a vegetarian chili topper so there’s something for everyone on this holiday.

November 15: National Clean-out-your-fridge Day

Now here’s a unique holiday that can help you get creative and limit waste, making the most of the ingredients you have in the kitchen for one-of-a-kind dishes.

If you don’t want to celebrate this one by adjusting your menu, you could go the charitable route, instead. Here’s a perfect chance for people to clean out their fridges and pantries and donate those items to local shelters, pantries, or food banks. Help the cause by advertising, collecting donations, or donating from your own kitchen to help people in need.

November 21: National Gingerbread Day

It’s that time of year when gingerbread makes an appearance in cookies and cakes. Add some flair with your take on this favourite seasonal flavour with mini donuts, ice cream, or another creative dessert.

Encourage people to share with sampler platters of minis or a charcuterie board with cookies, cheeses, and fruit to get people to share and encourage large groups. This holiday also lends itself to a unique happy hour where you can feature gingerbread cocktails and mocktails like martinis, lattes, and coffees.

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November 28: National French Toast Day

This one seems like a no-brainer because breakfast for dinner is an instant hit! You could definitely go traditional with a stack and sides, but why not try something a little different? Put your spin on stuffed French toast with cream cheese and fruit, create a unique French toast sandwich, or bake it in a casserole for a delicious dessert.

As you plan for your November food holiday celebrations, don’t forget to promote your events and menu on social media, on your website, and on-site so people can plan to visit. This time of year can get busy, too, so be sure you let people know early so they can get you into their calendars and include options for people looking to celebrate on the go.