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Food photography is a crucial part of your menu

Is your food photography translating to sales for your restaurant? 82 per cent of people say they would order a dish based on its photo, so appealing photos can mean more profits. In fact, restaurants switching from a text-based online menu to a photo-based menu reported increased conversion rates of 25 per cent.

Whether you’re using photography for your menu or for advertising, diners eat with their eyes first, so fill your menu with mouth-watering shots.  

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Here are a few suggestions to help get your dishes looking their best in print and online:

Choose an angle

While overhead shots are popular, they aren’t always the best way to represent a dish. Consider shooting while seated to mimic the diner’s perspective and emphasize a dish with height.

Make it realistic

Set up the scene with cutlery, glasses, and more, so it looks like it belongs on a table. Be careful not to add too much clutter but try taking a forkful or cutting a slice out for effect. You could also add some of the ingredients into the shot for colour and dimension.

Consider the lighting

Light and shadows can make or break a photo. Some photographers prefer natural light (close to a window), and some prefer to manufacture a specific light to save time in the editing room. Move your dish around the restaurant until you find the light you like with the least amount of shadow.

Experiment with focus

Even with your phone, effects like depth of field or vignette (making the background blurry) are easy. Is there a colourful element? Or a seasonal ingredient? Do you want to highlight the texture of your pasta dish? Decide on which part of the dish is most important and draw the diner’s eye there first.

Whether someone on your staff has a talent for photography, you want to try your hand yourself, or even if it means bringing in an external photographer, high-quality food photography helps you stand out from your competition and bring in higher sales, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

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