Foods to keep you cool during the summer

By Shelby Morrison

Summer is here! The warm weather is (hopefully) here to stay, which means keeping cool is definitely a priority. Of course we can stay indoors with air conditioning or hop into a pool or lake, but we can also keep cool with food.  It is less than ideal to be slaving over a hot stove or to have your oven on all summer. The kitchen can get quite heated, especially with so much going on. Give your customers as well as yourself a break from the heat with some cool treats.

  1. Ice Cream

This may seem like an obvious choice since ice cream is very much appreciated on a hot day. However, with so many flavours and creations out there, get creative to impress your customers. Homemade, unique ice cream is sure to please guests of any age. Consider whipping up a totally crazy flavour or creation such as an ice cream sandwich, a unique flavoured cone or even some sort of interesting sundae.

  1. Bread/bruschetta

Bread and toast may sound ordinary and boring, but depending on the toppings, it can be the perfect appetizer or addition to a meal.  Whether you toast the bread or leave it fresh, the topping choices are endless. Consider offering toppings such as fresh ricotta, corn relish, fresh tomatoes, cold shrimp or anything else imaginable. This simple and quick dish requires no cooking at all and uses cold, fresh ingredients (unless you’re baking the bread yourself!)

  1. Salads

Salad can mean so much more than some lettuce and tomatoes thrown into a bowl. With so much fresh summer produce available, anything can be put together to make a crisp salad. Cold vegetables can be combined with any dressing such as a citrus-based vinaigrette for a refreshing, cool dish for summer.

  1. Dips

Dips make for a great appetizer or something to nibble on. Tzatziki, hummus and artichoke dip are just some of the perfect options to serve alongside fresh vegetables or crackers for dipping. Dips also take minimal preparation and can be put together in a jiffy for those hungry, hot customers.

  1. Melon

Whether served as a refreshing salad with mint and feta or served as dessert, watermelon and other types of melon are exceptionally refreshing. Not only is it cold and crisp, it is made up of mostly water, which will keep you cool and hydrated during the hot summer months.

Staying cool without compromising your food choices can be made easy with the above foods. They are sure to please all customers and help cool them down when the weather is quite hot. Staying refreshed and hydrated is key to having a successful summer!