Canadian foodservice industry reports decline in April traffic, dollars

By Rachel Debling

The Canadian foodservice industry felt a sharp drop in April 2020, with traffic and dollars declining steeply when compared to the previous year.

According to preliminary numbers from The Ipsos Foodservice Monitor, total foodservice dollars were down 59 per cent, dropping by $3.7 billion when compared with April 2019. Thanks much in part to COVID-19 lockdowns across the country, traffic also lagged by more than 50 per cent, a reduction of 385 million individuals.

Foodservice dollars across the industry were predictably low. Quick-service restaurants saw a 34-per cent drop in revenue, full-service establishments experienced a 84-per cent drop, while retail and other foodservice outlets reported a 56-per cent decline.

Ipsos will be releasing its May 2020 foodservice report over the course of the coming weeks. For more information, visit their website.

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