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  • Toronto’s 2023 Michelin Guide winners announced

    September 29, 2023
    The newest list of selected restaurants was revealed in an event held on September 27, adding 12 new Toronto restaurants to the guide. The Michelin Guide follows judging criteria including quality products, the harmony of flavours, cooking technique mastery, the chef’s personality expressed in the cuisine, and consistency with multiple visits. Restaurants can earn one, two, ...
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  • Delivery trends have some restaurants adjusting their approach

    September 25, 2023
    Off-premise dining remains a fan favourite for consumers, with dining out remaining only slightly more popular. In fact, 58 per cent of consumers have ordered delivery in the last month, compared to 62 per cent who have dined in a restaurant. The frequency of ordering has increased, too, with 51 per cent of Canadians ordering food ...
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  • Restaurants focus on value during continued inflation

    September 21, 2023
    As inflation and the higher cost of living persist, consumers continue to prioritize value as the try to save their pennies. Off-premise dining remains a popular choice for consumers. In fact, in-person dining decreased this month by nine per cent, with the last three months seeing a steady decline in guest counts for restaurants. As a ...
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  • The evolution of QSR loyalty programs

    September 8, 2023
    Today’s crowded marketplace means there’s fierce competition for restaurants to stand out and cultivate customer loyalty. With the average consumer belonging to 16.7 loyalty programs, how can you make yours special, add value, and have it work for your business? Loyalty programs are not a new invention, but these days, we are seeing them evolve, with ...
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  • Diners choose pickup over delivery as inflated costs continue

    August 25, 2023
    In the last few years, off-premise dining has become so popular, but these days, pickup is surpassing delivery for diners. As prices continue to remain high, this shift could be a result of consumers watching their wallets, attempting to save a few dollars by skipping the delivery fees. Because restaurants don’t typically add a charge for ...
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  • How restaurants are addressing continued supply chain disruption

    August 21, 2023
    As supply chain management issues persist, disruptions, delays, and rising costs continue to make it difficult for many restaurants to manage. Many operators have made changes to their businesses to address these issues, from menu adjustments to a larger supplier list to automation, and more. But some have found that delivery is helping them save ...
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  • Restaurant transparency is crucial as inflation continues

    August 15, 2023
    As Canadians continue to face record-breaking inflation, the term shrinkflation has emerged, reflecting when the prices rise or remain the same but the portion or serving size is reduced. This has affected many restaurant menus and diners who might be paying more for less, as operators try to recoup costs and stay afloat. Shelflation is also ...
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  • Are you giving your guests what they want?

    August 10, 2023
    From the menu to the experience, guests have an expectation when they visit your restaurant. Are you delivering on that expectation? Do you know what your guests want from your restaurant? Datassential’s mid-year trend report gives us a look at what diners value most when they go out to eat these days, as we proceed ...
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  • Are restaurant surcharges a growing trend?

    August 1, 2023
    As restaurants continue to look for creative ways to get ahead in today’s economy, some operators are adding surcharges to the bill. While many diners balked at rising tipflation earlier this year, surcharges may be easier to swallow, as the industry starts to make changes for the better. Typically, the surcharges look like a line item ...
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  • Breakfast sales continue to rise and shine

    July 18, 2023
    As more and more Canadians return to the office, breakfast is gaining momentum for commuters. QSRs are benefiting from increased morning traffic that’s ramping up breakfast sales and boosting their bottom lines. 34 per cent of Canadians don’t want to cook breakfast for themselves, and 40 per cent say they eat outside the house in ...
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  • Are record-high food costs finally slowing down?

    July 13, 2023
    Consumers and restaurants continue to battle food inflation, but some costs have started coming down since January, albeit not to pre-pandemic levels. Sylvain Charlebois, senior director of the Agri-Foods Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University, recaps the items with the largest price reductions so far this year: Tomatoes (- 38 per cent) Cucumbers (- 31 per cent) Strawberries (- ...
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  • Make the most of your summer LTOs

    July 12, 2023
    During some of the busiest months in the foodservice industry, many fast-food restaurants are upping their game with summer specials to boost their sales and get extra attention for their restaurants. Using LTOs to attract interest in the menu, bring in larger groups, and build customer loyalty is a solid strategy for restaurants looking to ...
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  • Restaurant prices remain on the rise

    July 7, 2023
    With so much talk in the media about inflation and rising food costs, many restaurants have increased their menu prices to try and offset their costs. Just how much have prices gone up for consumers as operators have raised rates to try and recoup some of the losses felt over the last few years? According to ...
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  • Online ordering remains a reliable source of restaurant revenues

    June 28, 2023
    Even as patios are filling up for the summer, online ordering continues to be an important revenue generator for restaurants. Diners want to eat out, but they also want the convenience of enjoying their favourite dishes from the comfort of their own homes. According to Paytronix, online orders have nearly tripled since the pandemic, so ...
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  • Late-night hours could help boost restaurant revenues

    June 13, 2023
    Many restaurants are looking for creative ways to maximize profits, reaching outside of their regular offerings to appeal to more guests and step away from the competition. While some restaurants are decreasing their hours to accommodate labor challenges, others are headed in the opposite direction, adding late-night options instead. RELATED: Shifting consumer spending and its effect ...
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