Food Photography 101

By Patti Hone
June 1, 2012
Food photography 101 for restaurants and foodservice

If a picture paints a thousand words then why do so many restaurants and suppliers lack good photography? Let’s face it: People eat with their eyes, so why not entice your customer with an image that whets peoples’ appetites?

Photography is an important element in creating an impact with whatever it is you are marketing. Consumers experience first through sight, and then are prompted to react according to how they feel about what they see.

Good photography conveys a great deal when used correctly, and appeals to the consumer’s emotions – making them stop, look, feel and, more importantly, want the product you’re selling. We see it used almost everywhere, from package designs and point of purchase, to billboards, magazine ads, websites and, of course, menus in a restaurant. A beautifully executed photograph will make the consumer stop, look and (hopefully) buy.

When photographing food, it’s crucial that you plan your shots carefully, as food does not hold up well under lights and will start to dry out and wilt very quickly.

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