Free contact tracing tool launches for Canadian small businesses

Press release

GroundLevel Insights, a leading Canadian technology company, has announced the launch of CANATRACE™. Now available to businesses across Canada, CANATRACE is a fast, secure, and free digital solution that allows businesses to capture pertinent customer data needed for contact tracing, all while alleviating the workload of staff and keeping patrons — and their contact information — safe.

To date, GroundLevel Insights has partnered with more than 300 small businesses, helping these companies bring their customers back in a safe and streamlined manner. The digital tool simplifies data collection by allowing visitors to provide their contact information directly on their own smartphone using a QR code uniquely branded for the business they are visiting.

By digitizing data collection, small businesses are able to minimize touchpoints for guests, ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of the information given, and lessen the extra responsibilities their staff are taking on during these unprecedented times.

Ever since data collection has become required for businesses with in-person patrons, many companies have been using a physical pen and paper to record visitors’ information. While effective, this process places additional pressure on employee resources and increases touch-points for both staff and visitors. Moreso, there is an inherent privacy risk if customer data isn’t stored properly.

Digitizing this system makes it easier for small businesses to meet provincial policies while simultaneously reducing operational complexity.

To introduce CANATRACE, companies simply register for a business-branded QR code at Each unique QR code is assigned to its own mobile site, meaning that every business will have its own landing page to collect visitor information. This data-collection page is automatically pulled-up when the QR code is scanned in-store, where customers and employees can register their name and contact information.

All data is collected and stored securely by CANATRACE for 30 days, after which, it is automatically deleted. Businesses can also request data be sent to their local health authority, in the event that a positive COVID-19 case has been identified at their location.

CANATRACE is proudly supported by Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade, Canadian Museums Association, City of Pickering, Invest Durham, MaRS, and ventureLAB as well as other business partners who want to help support small businesses and spread the word to businesses across the country.

For more information or to register a small business for free, please visit

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