Fruits and veggies more popular than ever with Canadian diners

By Sue Lewis
September 4, 2014
Healthy choices: Fruits and veggies more popular than ever with Canadian diners

Kids, kale and food facts are three of the hot trends in the Canadian food landscape. A focus on the relationship between food choices and health, particularly related to childhood obesity issues and an aging population, is driving the demand for expanded menu options. Consumers are increasingly asking for product and nutrition information and have a desire to learn where their food comes from and how it is grown and prepared.

The last few years have seen an explosion of information about the relationship between healthy bodyweight and food choices. While there are many reports and studies on the issue there is still a need to provide consistent, understandable messages to Canadians which gives them the tools to make informed decisions on the foods they eat.

Family friendly choices

What’s in your menu for me and my family? The conscientious consumer is asking this question when making dining choices. Parents trying to create positive eating habits and be role models for their children are looking for fresh, healthy options that go beyond apple slices and grapes. Offering children the chance to personalize their “combo” has proven to be a successful driver to healthier choices in some establishments. Rather than a set menu, a list of healthy options are portrayed on the menu, often ahead of the less-healthy choice.

Children are exposed to a growing number of diverse foods and flavours at home, and families will look for these options when dining out. Many families are looking for smaller portions of the adult menu rather than a separate kids menu, which can often feature deep-fried, high-fat foods, as a choice for their children.

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