Gardein adds flexibility, taste, and profitability to restaurant menus

Today’s diners are looking for diversity, versatility, and craveability from restaurant menus. Plant-based consumption has grown 148 per cent since 2019*, and with the of vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian consumers, restaurants need to deliver on those expectations with plant-based meals on the menu.

Studies show that 98 per cent of consumers who buy plant-based proteins are also buying meat proteins, so a diverse offering helps restaurants stand out and attract a wider array of guests. Gardein products offer chefs, operators, and diners an array of plant-based products that cook, smell, and taste, like animal-based protein, making them a welcome addition to restaurant menus.

What’s trending?

The chicken sandwich has been the fastest-growing restaurant menu item since 2019 and is anticipated to replace pizza as the top choice for consumers. Restaurants need to broaden their appeal and customer base with a delicious version of the chicken sandwich, along with an equally delicious plant-based version. Recognized in the 21st annual 2024 Best New Products Awards, Gardein SUPRÊME Chick’n is a game-changer for flexitarian, vegan, and vegetarian consumers. Making Gardein SUPRÊME’s Chick’n the star of your menu helps your restaurant appeal to diner demand, offers an elevated plant-based alternative, and delivers much-needed versatility to your menu. This product makes adding it to salads, sandwiches, wraps, fajitas, and more a clear choice for restaurants.


Up and coming

As spring and summer ramp up, operators looking to differentiate themselves in today’s marketplace are adding plant-based proteins like Gardein SUPRÊME Saus’ges to the menu. This product can help restaurants get creative with dishes, enticing operators and chefs without compromising on quality, taste, and flexibility.


Gardein’s Saus’ges serve as a base for the culinary community to create memorable menu offerings. As an interchangeable option for meat in a variety of recipes, it offers a wide range of versatility, from sandwiches and wraps to hotdogs, pizza toppings, kebobs, and beyond.

Raising revenues

Studies* show consumers are looking to make sustainable food choices and are willing to pay up to more for plant-based items. These dishes often come in at a higher price point, adding value and revenue to your bottom line. Gardein SUPRÊME’s extensive roster of chick’n, saus’ge, and more, can help operators bring in more customers and maximize those margins.

As diners continue to choose plant-based dishes, restaurants must meet those needs with innovative menus and tasty meals to deliver exceptional experiences and stand out from the competition. Gardein products add versatility, craveability, and profitability to restaurant menus.

Give Gardein SUPRÊME a try when you visit the Restaurants Canada Show (April 8 to 10) with product samples and on-site experts to help find meat alternative options on your menu. Stop by the food truck area to try out Gardein’s golden f’sh filets!

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