Gardein raises the bar with plant-based products on restaurant menus

The restaurant landscape is evolving as more and more people choose plant-based options off the menu. Whether it’s for health reasons, ethical preferences, or a desire to try something new, demand is growing for delicious dishes featuring meat alternatives.

Plant-based consumption has grown 148 per cent since 2019, and while vegans and vegetarians may have led the way, flexitarians looking to lower their meat consumption with alternative proteins are making taste the top priority. Restaurants need to offer flavourful plant-based options on their menus to raise their revenues and keep customers coming back – and that’s where Gardein® helps restaurants stand out.

With over 20 years of creating plant-based products, Gardein is a leader in the meat alternative space, offering a wide array of options for the consumer – and they’re still growing. With Gardein’s newest innovation, their SUPRÊME™ Chick’n Filets, Nuggets, and Saus’ge Links, consumers can enjoy the best of restaurant menus. Inspired by classic restaurant favourites, the lineup includes crispy breaded ‘chick’n’ filets, popcorn-style ‘chick’n’ nuggets, and juicy, grill-worthy ‘saus’ges,’ adding superior flavour profile and texture to the menu. The products take centre stage in everything from crispy chick’n sandwiches to chick’n and waffles to protein bowls and bratwurst-style saus’ge on a toasted bun. Often, flexitarian diners are looking for meat alternatives that look and taste like what they’re used to, and that’s where Gardein SUPRÊME really shines.


Gardein’s bratwurst-style saus’ge 

Gardein’s reputation for quality, versatility, and taste has strengthened as consumers have welcomed the company into their homes for every occasion from holiday dinners to weeknight meals. As a tried-and-true plant-based provider, adding the Gardein name to restaurant menus brings familiarity, comfort, and an elevated dining experience to restaurants.

It’s about the customer experience, of course, but it’s also about the bottom line. Studies show that consumers are motivated to order off plant-based restaurant menus, and they’re willing to pay more per meal. So, Gardein’s array of versatile products will not only encourage more ordering, but they’ll also help maximize those margins.

And they’re a crowd-pleaser! As we approach the holidays, restaurants need to stand out from the crowd to become a destination for groups by offering something for everyone at the table. From dining-in to takeout, restaurants need items that will up those cheque totals and appeal to a wide variety of dietary needs and preferences.

Gardein’s newest line of SUPRÊME™ products offers chefs and restaurants the opportunity to swap plant-based protein into any dish, offering a texture and taste profile unlike any other. Delivering on what consumers are looking for with versatility and taste, Gardein exceeds customer expectations with craveable, delicious options to elevate restaurant menus.

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