Getting creative with barbecue sauce

Getting creative with barbecue sauce
Barbecue sauces are starting to become true flavour MVPs when it comes to recipe development and innovation. Not willing to settle for the status quo, a growing number of Canadian chefs have discovered that ready-made barbecue sauces have outstanding multi-tasking abilities in their kitchen. Addressing not only some of the top food trends popular with Canadian diners, these sauces offer several distinct advantages over time-consuming, sometimes inconsistent house-made versions as well as opening up new avenues for recipe customization.The sounds and smells of summer range from succulent meats and poultry sizzling on the barbecue to the smoky aroma of mouth-watering grilled veggies for salads and burger toppings. But why should your favourite barbecue sauce be reserved for traditional grilled recipes in the summertime alone? Today’s ready-made sauces are just waiting for a chef’s creative flair to open up a new world of flavour possibilities for your restaurant’s menu — all year long.
“Barbecue sauce can be used all year round to deliver bold, rich flavours – not just for summer,” says Kira Smith, Corporate Chef of Kraft Canada’s Culinary Centre. “Barbecue sauce can be infused into many seasonal dishes: the rich braises, stews and chilis of fall and winter, for example. Don’t limit yourself to pairing them with main dish meats either; add a dollop of barbecue to your mashed sweet potatoes and toss in some crisply cooked bacon.”

With restaurant customers leaning towards more adventurous and globally-inspired flavours, using barbecue sauce on items beyond grilled entrée proteins is a growing trend. Diners can now find barbecue flavoured items across many restaurant menus including on pizzas and flatbreads, in dips and on sandwiches.

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