How your beer glassware can serve up better profits

By Roger Mittag

Glassware is one of those intangible items in hospitality that is often taken for granted. For centuries in North America, beer glassware has not been given a second thought. However, things have changed for the better.

Breweries are now developing glassware that is designed to enhance the flavour and aromatic profile of the beer while giving the guest a memorable occasion. A properly designed glass will completely change the experience the consumer has. Most breweries provide fantastic glassware for their customers.

Glassware is your display case for one of the world’s finest beverages. It is probably the biggest marketing tool in Belgium. They not only hold your draught beer but glasses are the interface between your establishment and the patron.

Many beer consumers are concerned with presentation, and appreciate high quality, unique glassware and a study completed at the University of California has shown that consumers are willing to pay more for a properly poured draught beer with the right amount of foam in the right glass.

Each glass shape is crucial to the drinker’s experience. Here is how glassware can impact the beer it holds.

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Hints for glassware selection and handling:

  • Look for glassware that is both durable and contemporary in design.
  • Do not expose glasses to a wide range of temperature. Allow them to cool after removing from dishwashers.
  • Look closely at bussing, waiting and washing practices. If staff aren’t paying close enough attention, this can really cost you in broken glasses.
  • Reduce beer pour costs by changing the shape of your glassware. A teardrop or pear shaped glass can give customers the impression that the beverage amount is larger than it really is.
  • Branded glassware makes your establishment stand out from the competition.
  • Excitement is the key to generating impulse specialty purchases.

About the author:

Roger Mittag is the owner of Thirst For Knowledge Inc® ( and the founder of Prud’homme Beer Certification® ( He can be reached at and will gladly consult on any beer questions.

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