ice pop

Gourmet ice pops are the next big thing

By Shelby Morrison

Remember those hot summer days as a child, when you enjoyed a Popsicle while it melted and dripped down your wrist? There was pretty much nothing better than this frozen treat. Eating a Popsicle as an adult definitely feels nostalgic, especially if you have one of the old classics such as grape, cherry or a rocket pop.

It seems that people really enjoy eating something sweet and frozen on a stick. Perhaps it is the convenience and ease of not needing any utensils, except maybe a napkin to catch those yummy drips. Believe it or not, ice pops have made a comeback, this time in a more grown-up, gourmet way.

You have probably seen many ice cream shops and restaurants offering different kinds of ice pops on their menus. Some places call them ice cream bars or ice pops, and some go the Mexican approach with paletas, which are Mexican ice pops that tend to forego the sugar of their North American cousin in favour of very ripe fruits and, if necessary, agave or honey.

Establishments are making them unique by experimenting with unique flavours and ingredients. Everything from locally-grown strawberry and basil ice pops to vegan pops using coconut milk are popping up. Whether you prefer something chocolatey, caramelly, or fruity, you are sure to find something you love.

These frozen treats are the perfect solution to beating the heat during these warm summer months. Many healthy ice pops are also available and include ingredients such as yogurt, fruit and sometimes even vegetables. Why not turn green juice into a frozen treat?

You can combine many different flavours and ingredients and add them to your menu to offer your customers something unique and delicious.  The possibilities are definitely endless and allow you to customize flavours to your restaurant style and customers’ requests. Keeping cool all summer has never been so delicious!