“Grill”icious ideas

Smokin’ veggies:  Show your veggies some grill-love too. With the right preparation, they might even steal the show from grilled meats and seafood! Grilled vegetables, with their delicious smoky charred flavours, can add a whole new and premium flavour dimension to a meal, whether served as a side dish, as toppings for gourmet burgers and salads, or in delicious colourful starter dips and spreads. Or amp up the “umami” by serving up some umami-rich veggies such as grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus or sweet peppers.

Barbecue brunch: Our love affair with grilled flavours means we’ll try (and love!) the grilled version of just about any of our favourite foods. So why not bring brunch to the grill and inject some bolder flavours into brunch basics? Try grilling your bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, French toast or donuts, or create a gourmet grilled breakfast pizza. Even breakfast potatoes can go from ho-hum to mmm-mmm with a quick visit to the grill.

Grilling salts: Classic salt and pepper may be the most popular choice for the grill, but it’s easy to shake things up by adding ingredients like smoked spices, citrus peel and even bacon to bring big texture and unique, craveable flavour to your grilled creations. Or try adding spicy peppers for heat, coarse sugar or dried fruit for a sweeter taste profile, or even coffee or tea. Making your own customized grilling salt-and-pepper blends can be a quick and easy way to add that je ne sais quoi to your signature grilled recipes.

Source: Inspired by the Club House La Grille Flavour Forecast 2015: Grilling Edition (www.FlavourForecast.com). For more grilling recipe ideas, visit www.ClubHouseforChefs.ca.

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