New, Novel and Spicy: Kraft Heinz condiments find new life in traditional dishes

By Thomas Heitz

At Kraft Heinz, we’ve got you covered when it comes to condiments. For starters, Heinz Ketchup is a household name and foodservice staple that’s associated with time-tested tradition and taste. It’s the classic ketchup, and every BBQ, picnic, family outing and gathering reminds us of it. But we don’t just do ketchup: Heinz makes the number one mustard in foodservice, too. It’s a testament to Kraft Heinz’s dedication to quality and the belief that a common condiment done uncommonly well makes all the difference.

You’ll find our condiments at home, or at your favourite sporting events and restaurants, whether they’re on the table or behind the scenes elevating seasonal fall favourites like your grandma’s bacon-wrapped meatloaf, or flakey, meaty tourtière. Whenever you need delicious condiments to deliver superior taste, quality and consistency to elevate that special dish on your menu, Kraft Heinz has you (and your grandma) covered.

As the new Corporate Chef for Kraft Heinz, I have the good fortune to live in Toronto. It’s one of the world’s most multicultural cities, and I’m able draw inspiration from friends from myriad different ethnic backgrounds who all grew up with eating different food than I did. And, thankfully, they enjoy sharing how they use Kraft Heinz condiments in everyday cooking with me. They’re as busy as I am, and they use Kraft Heinz condiments as a shortcut toward recreating the traditional dishes that took their parents and grandparents hours to make. It’s “speed scratch” home cooking.

Without having to spend the long, slow hours over a stove that their parents and grandparents did, they can use Heinz Ketchup to lend sweet, tangy flavour to all sorts of dishes, like Chinese sweet-and-sour pork and General Tso’s chicken, pad Thai, Goan chicken vindaloo, Indian chicken curry and, surely, many others. Personally, I add Heinz Ketchup to my cocktail sauce to serve alongside fresh-poached shrimp. It also adds a tart, tangy deliciousness to my BBQ sauce, smoky campfire franks and beans and even salad dressings that I make from scratch, like Thousand Island and Catalina dressing.

I’ll let you in on another well-kept secret: My Canadian-born friends with Indian backgrounds use Kraft Miracle Whip — yes, Miracle Whip — to recreate their moms’ creamy chutney sandwiches for tea time on cold winter days. Just a couple tablespoons of this magical stuff, found in almost every refrigerator, can be used in a variety of applications to add a creamy, sweet, tangy richness whenever it’s required. It turn a flavourful pesto into a creamy dip to pair with cassava chips, or it can add some flair to a smoked veggie kebab for a creative new snack or appetizer on your menu. All of these methods can be easily replicated in the restaurant industry to help speed up ticket times and drive down labour costs.

Kraft Heinz Ketchup, Mustard and Miracle Whip are the beloved classics, but our new line of Renee’s Lemon Dill, Chipotle, Roasted Garlic and Jalapeno Lime Aiolis and Kraft’s Bacon Aioli are where the excitement is, and the applications are endless. Anywhere you would normally use mayonnaise, you can substitute one our aiolis to elevate your dish and make sure it’s bursting with flavour. More and more people want authentic ingredients, and our Renee’s line of aiolis are chock-full of real herbs and real spices, and they’re free of preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours. Every bite emphasizes the difference real ingredients make, and that you’re getting genuine, unadulterated flavours that take every dish from ordinary to extraordinary. The bright lemon and herb notes of Renee’s Lemon Dill Aioli transforms an everyday Tuna Salad sandwich into a culinary masterpiece. A dollop of Renee’s Jalapeno Lime Aioli adds a touch of heat and lively citrus notes to an otherwise mundane chicken salad. And, of course, Kraft’s Bacon Aioli adds another smoky, meaty “B” into your B.L.T. — and let’s face it, you can’t overdo bacon.

Another new, exciting addition to the Kraft Heinz’s foodservice portfolio is Tapatío Hot Sauce. The Tapatío Hot Sauce company was founded in Guadalajara, Mexico, by Jose-Luis Saavedray in 1971. “Tapatío” is a colloquial term for a Guadalajaran, but Saavedray has made it one of the best-known hot sauce brands in the United States.

Tapatío is a representation of authentic Guadalajara Hot Sauce. It captures Guadalajara’s vibrant, colourful culture flavours. Kraft Heinz is thrilled to be sharing this hot sauce, which can best be described as a celebration of flavours in a bottle, to Canadian foodservice. Try it in your eggs, salsa, tacos, burgers and even wings. This perfect combination of spicy, sweet, salty and tangy will surely be your new favourite hot sauce.

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