Father's Day

Hit a home run with your Father’s Day promotional strategy

By Mo Chaar

There are approximately 8 million fathers in Canada, and while dining out for Father’s Day isn’t quite as popular as Mother’s Day, restaurants still saw a 22 per cent increase on the occasion last year. As people celebrate the father figures in their lives, the holiday presents an opportunity for restaurant owners to tap into the strength of their tech stack to maximize sales and improve loyalty. With data-driven insights and technology as pillars, operators can devise unique and personalized ways to connect with customers and deliver an exceptional dining experience that encourages their biggest fans to keep coming back.

It can be challenging to adapt to the constantly shifting landscape of dining behaviour — but with a forward-thinking mindset, restaurants can leverage technology to take advantage of this high-traffic holiday as a boon for business.

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Here are some strategies that restaurant operators can implement to get ahead:

Leveraging data for success

An omnichannel point-of-sale (POS) system is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity for savvy restaurateurs seeking success in today’s competitive landscape. With an intuitive POS system, restaurants can streamline operations, manage orders efficiently, and minimize errors, especially during peak periods. The strength of a POS platform extends beyond its operational efficiency, and restaurants can tap into historical data to guide their strategies for Father’s Day.

For instance, by focusing on big-ticket items with the highest profit margin, restaurants can create a smaller, more curated menu that will be most efficient operationally. If a menu item has historically low sales but a significant margin, operators should search for opportunities to draw attention to that dish, whether through promotions or limited-time menu offerings. Other POS data, such as peak customer times, can also help inform staffing plans and ensure restaurants are not understaffed or overstaffed.

Restaurant operators can also integrate AI tools with their existing POS systems, which can help them to deeply understand their customers and develop tailored promotions and offers. For example, they can leverage data from online ordering to gain a complete understanding of their customers and entice them to visit on Father’s Day, engaging them through tailored promotions such as a buy-one, get-one-free deal for appetizers or discounted items based on their order history.

Driving loyalty through personalization

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter loyalty programs. Customers want personalization, which presents a loyalty opportunity for restaurants. Some quick-service restaurants have implemented digital menu boards to share targeted and crafted messaging, but another way to engage customers in a personalized way is by adding AI capabilities to a restaurant’s tech stack. AI empowers restaurants to predict what customers will love, allowing them to create a customized experience. For instance, restaurants can showcase Father’s Day specials and offer exclusive deals based on specific order preferences and purchase history to their most loyal customers, helping to facilitate deeper connections between restaurants and their patrons, and ultimately encouraging repeat business.

For any current promotions, tying them into a loyalty app or program will help draw in more loyal customers during busy holiday periods. A robust POS system can help track every interaction a customer has with a restaurant, building profiles that will allow operators to effectively capitalize on purchase and preference data for success. In addition, restaurants can then offer loyalty incentives for returning customers, which can nurture repeat business and boost sales.

Online ordering, takeout and delivery

Father’s Day typically sees a spike in dine-in patrons, but to avoid missing out on sales, restaurant owners must also cater to customers who favour dining at home. To meet the evolving consumer demand, it is still crucial to offer a special dining

experience through takeout, curbside pickup, or delivery, as 49 per cent of Canadians are choosing to dine out less than the previous year.

To encourage direct ordering over third-party delivery services, restaurants can offer special menu items, a bundle offer on take-out food, or a small discount. Offering these exclusive deals and discounts on social media are great ways to reach potential customers and promote direct ordering.

Creating a smooth experience is key, and operators should ensure their online ordering system is mobile-responsive and offers various payment options during checkout. With the right technology in place, restaurant owners can capitalize on Father’s Day and maximize online orders by harnessing valuable data from each customer transaction.

Father’s Day as the blueprint for success

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and this popular holiday presents a prime opportunity for restaurants to capture the increased traffic, drive sales and reward loyal customers.

To differentiate themselves from their competitors, restaurants can utilize AI and POS systems to create data-driven promotional strategies and drive customer loyalty through personalization. Guests want a special dining experience for their beloved fathers, grandfathers, and father figures — and restaurants should take advantage of these heightened levels of traffic to maximize profitability and engagement, and turn new customers into lifelong fans.

Mo Chaar is the Chief Commercial Officer of Givex, where he oversees commercial strategy and development worldwide, including the development of GivexPay, as well as managing sales teams within North America.