Holiday restaurant staffing challenges solved with new Staffy app

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Canada’s first on-demand marketplace instantly connects restaurant and hospitality industry with skilled contractors

With the restaurant and hospitality industry’s busiest time of year about to get underway, Staffy, a revolutionary, on-demand marketplace that instantly connects restaurants and hospitality companies with skilled contractors, is making it easier to fill staffing gaps with the beta launch of its new app.

The new beta app optimizes the successful Staffy platform through which restaurants and skilled contractors agree to a fair wage for the services needed, ensuring restaurants are able to address their staffing needs while giving qualified contractors the freedom to instantly pick up shifts tailored to their experience and schedule.

“The restaurant industry can be quite transient and it takes a lot of time and energy to find and keep staff or fill gaps on the spot particularly during the Holiday season,” said Peter Faist, CEO. Adding, “with Staffy, restaurants and hospitality companies are just a few clicks away from never being short-staffed again. We help facilitate on-demand connections to fit short or long-term needs. And with our new on-demand service, we can typically have a skilled contractor on-site within 90 minutes.”

Designed and built in Canada by tech industry veteran Peter Faist, and advised by Arizona Bay, the platform has already been used by over 150 top restaurant industry leaders including Top Chef, Joe Beef, Bar Isabel, the University of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario and Wayne Gretzky’s. Since November 2015, over 3,000 shifts have been filled, successfully proving the Staffy model. Launching the beta app was the next natural step.

“Until Staffy came along it was near impossible to fill or augment staffing needs. Now if I’m in a pinch, I can reach out to the company with the full confidence that they will be able to help,” says Nick Liu from Dailo. “Staffy takes the pressure off me and my managers and allows us to focus on what is most important – providing our guests with high quality food and great service.”

Absenteeism and turnovers are the biggest operational challenges in the restaurant industry, an industry that employs seven per cent of the Canadian workforce according to Restaurants Canada. In a 2015 Restaurants Canada survey, 43 per cent of Canadian restaurant operators reported being unable to secure adequate skilled labour. Restaurants and bars using Staffy report that absenteeism occurs, on average, once every four shifts.

Flexibility for skilled contractors is a critical feature of the beta Staffy app. In addition to owning their availability and setting their wages, skilled contractors can start working immediately, following an efficient and effective vetting process that is much shorter than the traditional model. Staffy is ideal if someone can’t commit to full-time work, is under-employed, is just looking to make extra income or wants to pursue other creative passions.

“For me, serving is something that I really enjoy but I also like having flexibility to pursue my other passions,” said Alex Shine, who has worked through Staffy for the past nine months. Adding, “the fact that I can source available opportunities in real-time and work for the wages I want based on my experience, makes it a lot easier to plan my life and pay my bills.”

Staffy is now available to bars, restaurants and foodservice workers in Toronto with plans to expand to Vancouver, Montreal, and New York, in the coming months. Interested restaurants and skilled contractors can register at or by downloading the beta app through the App Store or Google Play Store.

About Staffy: 

Developed in Canada by hospitality and technology experts, Staffy is a revolutionary, on-demand marketplace that instantly connects businesses with skilled contractors to help the hospitality industry quickly fill staffing vacancies. Over 3,000 shifts have been filled to date, totaling more than 20,000 hours and $330,000 paid out to contractors.

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