New Year's

Cheers to your New Year’s celebration

As 2023 comes to an end, are you all set to ring in the new year at your restaurant? Planning a successful New Year’s bash means getting a head start on the end of 2023 with feature menus, reservations, marketing, and more.

Whether you are celebrating with a New Year’s Eve gala or a New Year’s Day brunch, get your guests excited to start 2024 off with an event at your restaurant.

Customize your event

One way to get everything started is by choosing a theme. This can make your menu easier to craft, help you decide on décor, and give guests an idea of what to wear for the occasion. Popular themes range from masquerade to your favourite era – and beyond – so pick something that works for your restaurant. Sticking with simple is an option, too, by just picking a colour scheme and going with it.

Make the menu

Whether you’re thinking a la carte or prix fixe, limiting your menu makes guests feel like they’re celebrating something special. Creating a smaller special event menu or offering a set menu with courses makes it easier on the kitchen team, too. Just don’t forget to have guests give their dietary restrictions ahead and clearly communicate what you are capable of accommodating.

If you’re thinking about hosting family festivities, consider offering a buffet-style dinner or share plates that large groups can enjoy while simplifying execution in the kitchen.

Go the extra mile

Make your New Year’s Eve celebration extra special with party favours for your guests. This can mean noise makers at midnight, a photobooth throughout the evening, a champagne toast, and more. You could also host sponsored draws for prizes, offer a special giveaway for the first 25 guests, or get creative with ideas to entice sales. While party favours are not required, they do send a message that you want your guests to feel special, along with leaving guests with a memory of the evening and your restaurant.

Take it to-go

Have you considered catering? Between companies planning holiday celebrations and families wanting to stay in, catering may be a way to boost your bottom line with takeout, delivery, and off-site offerings.  Consider offering a prix-fixe menu that guests can take home, along with an event menu that companies can order from for office celebrations. These days, most corporate affairs include between 12 and 40 people, so keep these numbers in mind when planning your logistics.

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Spread the word

Foodservice is a crowded space at this time of year, so be sure that your loyal customers know about your upcoming plans in advance. Getting reservations early can also help your kitchen stay organized, improve the accuracy of your inventory, and help your labour to make sense. Include details (and a link to register) in your email newsletter, on your website, and post teasers on your social media accounts.


Celebrating New Year’s helps restaurants build revenues, attract new guests, and start the year off on a positive note. Get creative to draw a crowd and attract attention for your event and your restaurant.