restaurant theft

How AI can help mitigate restaurant theft

Restaurant theft is something that operators have to deal with, and although traditional methods of surveillance might have done the trick in the past, technology can help you step up your efforts. AI is not just useful for an improved dining experience, it can also help you increase security and lower restaurant theft. Shoplifting accounts for about a 7 per cent loss for QSRs, and internal theft is responsible for 75 per cent of inventory loss in restaurants.

Those losses can really hurt your bottom line, so it might be time to upgrade your tech to tackle these issues like a pro. Whether you suspect that theft is happening at your restaurant, or you just want to take a proactive approach, today’s technology can help.

Using traditional surveillance

If you have cameras up to monitor for theft, you don’t need to get rid of your current set up to benefit from AI. Studies show that on average, QSR operators only go through one per cent of their surveillance footage, and here’s where AI can help you save time and labour. Modern technology can work in tandem with your video equipment, monitoring your footage in real time and identifying anomalies, alerting your staff to look into suspicious occurrences. With AI-powered video, the system can even analyze behaviour patterns, flagging deviation from regular practices to help recognize potential threats.

Analyzing data

Monitoring surveillance, keeping track of inventory, and combing through data takes up a lot of time from your day-to-day operations. Using advanced algorithms, AI can take care of the data analysis, compiling reports that make it easy to see what’s happening at your restaurant. Issues like frequent voided transactions, cash register discrepancies, or suspect refunds can be easily identified and tracked.

Once you have the information in front of you, you can use the data to make informed decisions about your business and adjust your practices accordingly.

One of the added benefits of using AI-enhanced surveillance technology is that you can also catch your employees doing great things. This type of technology can detect when your team sells add-on items like appetizers or desserts, monitor their speed of work, and use analytics to track performance. Not only can AI identify problematic behaviours, but it can also reenforce the things you already know about your team.

Get ahead of the potential risks to your restaurant by leveraging technology like AI to save you time and protect your business.