automated temperature monitoring

How automated temperature monitoring can help improve efficiency

If you’re doing spring or summer cleaning to improve your restaurant operations, you may want to take a look at automated temperature monitoring and whether it’s a tool that could boost your efficiency. With only five per cent of restaurants currently using an automated temperature system, this might be an opportunity to pull away from your competition.

Automating your temperature controls takes the pressure off your team to get it right, eliminates the possibility of human error, and provides you with valuable data to run your business. There are a few advantages to this technology that could help improve your restaurant’s performance.

Improve food safety

Food safety and waste are ongoing concerns in the foodservice industry, but there are steps you can take to mitigate these losses. According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurants lose four to 10 percent of the food they purchase. By regulating your temperatures, you can better manage your cold inventory to make sure it stays fresh and lasts as long as you’ve budgeted for. With most systems, you can set an alarm to go off if the temperature drops to account for power outages or any malfunctions, so you can make necessary adjustments right away. If your inventory is also automated, this tool can help you better stay on top of food freshness with accurate reporting and real-time data.

Save time and money

The data collected by an automated temperature system can also help draw your attention to faulty equipment and budget for major expenditures. If you’re noticing equipment failure, you can track the progress and take preventative measures, so you aren’t stuck with a surprise that leaves you without refrigeration during repairs or replacement.

Also, many cold storages and refrigeration require your team to check on them several times a day, so automation can help you better allocate your labour, so your employees can focus on more important tasks.

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New technology and automation are always emerging in the foodservice industry, so weighing what will benefit your restaurant most is the best way to make decisions for your business. Temperature automation may offer your restaurant more consistency, better food safety, and save you time and money, while improving your restaurant’s efficiency.