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How baked goods can sweeten your cheque totals

Amid continued inflation, one category remains a constant in Canadian diets: baked goods. Indulging in sweet treats is a way for consumers to treat themselves without breaking the bank, according to Jo-Ann McArthur, co-founder and president of Nourish Food Marketing. “It’s worth it to them,” she says.

The baked goods category allows restaurants the opportunity to add on, upping those cheque totals and building your bottom line. Add baked goods that are sure to sell by getting your dessert menu on-trend!   

Healthier choices

As the growing trend towards a healthier diet continues, retailers are offering baked goods boasting gluten-free, vegan, low sugar, low carb, high fibre, and more, to keep that demand steady and address consumer needs.  

The global vegan dessert market is worth 2.77 billion dollars and is expected to grow and an annual growth rate of 10.1 per cent until 2027. Offering healthier or plant-based treats for your customers will separate you from your competition while addressing your guests’ needs and growing your margins.

Take-home items

Parbaked items are also gaining popularity, allowing guests to take a partially baked item home to cook. This works especially well for guests that are too full to indulge while they’re visiting but buy it for later – and as they bake and eat that treat at home, your business will stay top of mind.

International influences

International flavours will be dominating menus this year and sweet treats are also part of this trend. Diners are looking for unique choices across the board, so think about incorporating global flavours like star anise, chipotle, turmeric, yuzu, ginger, and passion fruit to add diversity and a sweet spin to your menu.

Comfort food

Consumers are craving nostalgia, choosing sweets featuring comforting tastes like peanut butter and jelly, s’mores, and cookies and cream in baked goods like cookies and brownies. These choices may seem simple, but they add a comfort food element to your menu.

Baked goods and dessert ordering is up 3.4 per cent and these items are a simple way to add to your cheque totals and keep diners visiting your restaurant. By paying attention to the trends, you can help your restaurant stand out and keep building your bottom line.  

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