loyalty program

How can you boost enrolment for your loyalty program?

Building loyalty is an effective way to build your business, so it’s time to prioritize enrolment for your loyalty program. While the exact ratio of loyalty to cheque size is difficult to determine, it’s clear that loyalty members have continued to visit and spend, despite the continued rising inflation. With the average consumer belonging to 16.6 loyalty apps, yours needs to stand out.

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There are a few things you can do to up your enrolment, build those relationships, and grow your bottom line.

Spread the word

They can’t join if they haven’t heard about it, so promote your program wherever you can. Post physical signs in the restaurant, include a link or QR code on your website, create a hashtag on social media, and have your team talk it up to customers. You could even launch a promo for your existing members to help increase awareness and numbers. Consider an offer like more points or a freebie for anyone who signs up a friend.

Make it easy

Don’t deter them with a tricky or cumbersome process. 70 per cent of people say they won’t even sign up if it’s inconvenient, so avoid long registration forms or a complicated process. While the program relies on your ability to obtain customer data, simplify the initial process with an easy-to-find app and a quick sign-up.  

Get your team involved

Get your team pumped about your program so their enthusiasm is passed onto your guests. Chances are your team has a competitive spirit, so make it a game to get those numbers up. Incentivize your team with prizes to get them motivated. Have more than one location? Offer a prize for the location whose enrollment goes up the most within a set period of time.

Make it easy for your team, too, by providing them with the info they need to make the program appealing. Consider adding POS prompts and signage to remind them to mention the program to every customer who visits.

Reports indicate that retaining even five per cent of customers through loyalty programs can increase revenues by anywhere from 25 per cent to 95 per cent, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to build your brand. Take the time this year to grow your loyalty program and raise your restaurant’s profits.