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How restaurants are standing out from the crowd in 2024

As operators vie for consumer dollars, many restaurants are striving to set themselves apart with an improved guest experience and better value. Today’s crowded marketplace calls for restaurateurs to find ways to capture attention and attract guests to continue to compete and grow their revenues.

Upping the value

Many QSRs are choosing to focus on value to entice more visits, adding LTOs and offering more for less to their customers. In fact, over half of restaurants plan to add special offers this year, and 20 per cent will be adding more inexpensive items to the menu.

Recently, Taco Bell updated its value menu, adding six new items to the roster. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, and Burger King all offer value menus, and it’s likely a trend that will grow as the year progresses and the tight competition for customers continues.

Creating experiences

A focus on value doesn’t mean a sacrificing experience, though, many restaurants are set on making guest visits as memorable as possible to encourage repeat visits. With so many people short on time and finances, Applebee’s in the U.S. has launched a program that might just be a win-win. They recently launched a ‘date-night pass’ for $200, affording customers 52 meals per year, which sold out within a minute of being offered to the public.

In another attempt to engage customers, Burger King has launched a contest to see who can make the best Whopper. The contest allows customers to submit their ideas for the ingredients that would make the best sandwich, with a million-dollar prize and the chance to see your creation sold in stores.

Restaurants will need to get creative in standing out from the crowd and offering innovative, memorable experiences for their guests.

Unique offerings

Restaurants can also grow their clientele with trendy LTOs and standout dishes as a way to interest guests, offer something new, and create a way to create new content to share on their social channels.  Starbucks has recently done this creating buzz for the newest beverage in their lineup, introducing its new Oleato drinks, featuring drinks that are infused with olive oil.

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Some restaurants are bringing back old favourites to attract attention and bring people in, like McDonald’s reinstating the McRib, Tim Horton’s reintroducing four retro donuts to celebrate its 60th birthday, and Wendy’s recently bringing back the Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt. New and old menu items are being used to entice customer visits and get people talking about interesting menus.

Standing out from the crowd is one way that restaurants can encourage repeat visits, build loyalty, and increase their revenues through 2024 and beyond.