How to create an event to remember

How to create an event to remember
By Jordan Knox
April 18, 2013

Ever been to an event that was above and beyond your expectation, but you could not put your finger on exactly what piece put it over the top? Chances are there may have been a third party event management company behind the planning of your event.

Like a performance piece, or a finely tuned car, what separates the good from the great is preparation and attention to detail; the same can be said for hosting a major event. While it may be possible to host an awesome dinner party or book a great function space at a local venue, for many people it is the smaller details that elude them.

To truly take an event and make it a shared life experience for a group of people takes a company that can think outside the box. Substantial preparation and meetings, orchestrating the minute-to-minute scheduling of the smallest details is necessary to pull off a great event. When this is accomplished it is seamless from start to finish, and the experience is exceptional.

World-renowned POP Kollaborative has taken the art of event management to the next level. POP is a life experience agency focusing on the broader process of creating new life experiences for their clients. I had the opportunity to sit in on one of the information sessions at POP Kollaborative. As company president Ken Kristoffersen said while enforcing the importance of being innovative in achieving the vision through the details, “Creativity takes a lot of money…Innovation takes a lot of thought.” It was clear that this innovation helped POP to win three Star Awards at the 2013 Canadian Event Industry Awards, including Most Outstanding Event Over $300.

So what is it that sets these award-winning functions apart from the typical office holiday event? Could the details not be left to a hotel’s banquet manager or a conference center’s catering manager? While there are hotels and venues that can accommodate large functions and can often handle the major elements required to host a good event, they cannot match an event management company in the attention they can give to the smaller details.

About the author:

Jordan Knox works at Northland Properties and is a General Manager in training at Moxie’s in Vancouver, B.C.  With over 18 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Jordan has worked throughout North America and the Caribbean with industry-leading companies. He received his diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management from SAIT Polytechnic in 2000 and is a lifelong student of the food and beverage industry, always looking for what new trends are emerging.

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