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How to make QR codes work for your restaurant

QR codes became a top trend for contactless ordering during pandemic days, but are they still serving a purpose? The answer rests in how they’re being used by restaurants. As a one-dimensional, pdf version of your menu, the QR code likely isn’t doing you any favours. Many diners find them awkward, having to stretch and zoom on their phones to adequately access the information.

Rather than sending guests to the same one-page pdf of your menu, there are ways to use QR codes that can help build your brand and improve the customer experience. In 2022, about 89 million people scanned a QR code on their phones, and that’s projected to grow to well over a million by 2025. That’s an opportunity to reach a lot of people with just a single click!

Get creative in using QR codes to engage with your customers, improve their experience, and build loyalty for your business.


Engaging with your guests is the name of the game! Using a QR code, you can direct customers to a landing page that teases upcoming events, asks for feedback, allows them to make reservations, and more. QR codes can also be used to direct guests to promos and capture their information as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Be specific and make sure to send people exactly where they’re expecting to be sent. If you simply direct guests to your homepage without any context or direction, the process may end up frustrating and confusing your guests instead.

Guest experience

You can still use QR codes for your menu but make it one your customers want to view. Focusing on a mobile-friendly, easily accessible, appealing version is a step in the right direction.

When you use QR codes for your menu, adding things like their previous order history, delivery information, and payment options will help speed up the process and allow your guests to get the most out of their experience.

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Driving loyalty

Information collection is another function of QR codes, allowing you to better get to know your guests and customize what they see when they use your QR code. Imagine if vegan guests were directed straight to your vegan menu because they had already let you know about their food choices. Or, you could help guests celebrate special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, once you’ve used QR codes to get to know them a little better.

It’s these little details that make your guests feel like family and can help you turn them into long-term loyal customers.

Like any other technology, evolution is key. Use QR codes in fresh and new ways to stay connected with your customers, improve the guest experience, and keep them coming back over the long haul.

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