How to make your patio more profitable

Now that patio season is in full swing, it’s time to focus on how it can raise your revenues. 77 per cent of diners say they prefer to dine outside when given the chance, so making it a space that enhances your restaurant experience will get those tables filling up.

As you add seating and staff, making sure you stay profitable through the summer is vital to your success. There are a few ways you can attract attention and boost profits for your patio this summer.

Host events

Hosting an event is a great way to draw a crowd. While you can certainly do it up big with décor and entertainment, it can also just look like celebrating Taco Tuesdays, food holidays, or long weekends –  whatever works best for you and your team. If you are going to go all-in, consider partnering with local entertainment or offering giveaways from local vendors so you can co-advertise and reach an even bigger audience.

As an added draw, you might consider adding a unique feature to your patio for the summer. This could look like a fire pit, separate seating areas, or even greenery for ambiance. Adding a new element may make your customers excited to give this new space a try and it can give you something to promote that’s new for your guests.

Make your menu exclusive

Offering a patio-only menu can help your kitchen and serving teams streamline operations, as well as add an exclusivity that may appeal to your guests. Keep it simple with dishes that can be prepared quickly, with an al fresco, summer feel. Advertise that the menu is only available for outdoor dining to get guests reserving that space ahead of time to give your menu a try. Don’t forget the dessert and drink menus to encourage your guests to indulge in your whole menu.

Pick up on the patio

Off-premise dining is still a popular option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attract interest in your patio. Create a pickup space near your patio so patrons picking up can see what they’re missing and may want to try it for a future visit. Include information about upcoming events and menu features in the takeout packages so these will be reminded to sit on the patio next time.

Upgrade your tech

Make your patio more efficient and turn those tables faster with the tools to help. Use QR codes for faster ordering or offer a mobile ordering option to free up some of your servers. You can also get a techy take on lighting and heating for your outdoor space, making it easier to maintain the ambiance you’re looking for. Invest in technology that will take your guests’ experience to the next level.

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Patio season is short, so use these tips to add profit and have your guests returning to your patio throughout the summer.