How to train your staff for operations success at your Canadian restaurant or foodservice operation

By Hugh Johnston
July 30, 2012

Getting the right people for the guest proposition you offer is the most important step in giving your guests great service. Once you have good people, you need to turn your mind to getting the most out of them.

Great trainers take people with the right DNA and train them to do what needs to be done in a way that gets results. “You hire for attitude and you train for knowledge,” says Frank Hennessey, President of Bento Sushi.

Well-trained staff are able to consistently execute your service practices. Think of all the things a front-of-house or a back-of-house teammate needs to get right every day. It can be a mind-boggling list, and all of it gets done by staff who make a few bucks over $10 an hour.

Training does cost time and costs money. So why do it, why train? Why not just be fussy and only hire seasoned staff? A few good reasons include :

  • Overall labour costs can be kept in line by bringing in new staff and bringing them up, using your turnover to keep your average rate affordable
  • Seasoned staff come seasoned with bad habits and cultures that may not fit, and
  • Menu changes and cross training require that you train; you best be good at it.

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