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  • Loyalty has its rewards: Greenbridge Foodservice helps move the industry forward

    September 11, 2023
    These days, competition in the foodservice industry is fierce. With so many businesses still struggling to recover, operators need to make the most of every opportunity to get ahead and stand out. It’s companies like Greenbridge Foodservice that are helping to find ways to add value and provide the tools that businesses need to compete in ...
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  • The heart of the matter: Bernie’s restaurants continue to grow by putting people first

    August 11, 2023
    The restaurant business can be an exhausting endeavour, but Bernie’s has built a loyal community following that feels like family. With two locations run by the father-and-son team Brian and Carem Deep, their vast menu and exceptional service have customers coming back for more. Brian Deep Brian Deep, owner of both Bernie’s locations, knows that relationship building ...
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  • Australian lamb tells a story of taste and versatility

    July 31, 2023
    Australian lamb’s popularity continues to grow, attracting chefs and diners alike with its delicious taste, climate-neutral sustainability, and the way it’s taking menus to the next level. In part the success is coming from chefs who are using Aussie lamb’s versatility to focus on the food, creating new dishes and incorporating fresh flavours into their ...
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  • Family matters: The Singing Chef thrives through 2023 and beyond

    July 13, 2023
    As many restaurants are still struggling with the lasting effects of the pandemic, The Singing Chef (in London, ON) continues to serve breakfast and lunch with a smile. Named for its owner, Nicko Patsalis, who is always singing in the kitchen, the restaurant continues to flourish, expanding into a second location later this year. Nicole and ...
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  • As Aussie lamb headlines Canadian menus, sustainability takes centre stage

    May 26, 2023
    Australian lamb is gaining momentum on Canadian menus for its taste and versatility, but it’s also impressing diners and chefs with its commitment to sustainability. Many consumers are taking an interest in where their food comes from, aligning with restaurants that echo their values – and they’re willing to pay a premium for sustainable meals. As ...
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  • Australian lamb adds delicious versatility to restaurant menus

    March 29, 2023
    As diner demand continues to drive globally inspired dishes, chefs are turning to Australian lamb for its delicious taste and versatility. As Toronto chef Matt Rosen explains, it’s “a tasty new way to think about protein.”   Chef Matt Rosen As a 30-year industry professional, Rosen’s focus these last few years has been on catering, as he works ...
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  • Diner demand for Australian lamb: a growing trend in Canada

    January 16, 2023
    Canadian menus are going global, highlighting Australian lamb in some of their most popular restaurant dishes. It offers a clean, delicious taste and is also free from additives, humanely sourced, and pasture-raised, making it a powerful protein for restaurant menus.   Chef David Godsoe Australian lamb’s growing popularity is also thanks to the attention of people like ...
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  • Heinz Helps lifts Canadian restaurants to new heights

    December 19, 2022
    Heinz Helps lifts Canadian restaurants to new heights Canadian restaurant operators face many difficulties in their line of work, from maintaining thin margins on their bottom line to standing out in a crowded culinary field. These are extraordinary and challenging times in the foodservice world, with operators continuing to face strong headwinds brought on by labour shortages, ...
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  • Lactalis Canada Foodservice joins Canadian Culinary Federation as National Dairy Partner

    December 7, 2022
    Lactalis Canada Foodservice – a division of Canadian dairy leader Lactalis Canada – and the Canadian Culinary Federation, Canada’s national association of professional chefs and cooks, are pleased to announce a new national partnership aimed at delivering excellence in foodservice. As the exclusive National Dairy Partner for the Canadian Culinary Federation, Lactalis Canada Foodservice will ...
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  • Sweet-talk your customers with delicious holiday drinks

    December 5, 2022
    ‘Tis the season for holiday drinks and LTOs. If your restaurant is looking for a way to boost guest cheques and stand out from the crowd, you can hit that sweet spot with a new roster of hot and cold beverages. The specialty coffee industry alone brings in more than $12 billion in annual sales and ...
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  • Add flavour and quality with Kraft Hazelnut Spread

    November 24, 2022
    As a chef, you’re constantly hunting for ways to add that extra layer of depth, quality, and taste to your menus to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more. Leaning on proven and popular brands and products is one surefire way to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the crowd. One ...
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  • Getting the facts about Canadian chicken

    November 9, 2022
    With so many ways to get information these days, it can be hard to know the truth about the journey our food takes before it gets to our plates. Consumers often rely on restaurants as a trusted source of information about the food they’re eating, and with less than half of Canadians knowing where their ...
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  • Are you using your dessert menu to boost takeout business?

    November 2, 2022
    In today’s crowded takeout and delivery market, adding delicious desserts to your off-premises menu could be just what you need to stand out from the crowd, improve your dining experience, and maximize those margins. Dining trends have shifted, with as many as 52 per cent of consumers ordering food to go online on a monthly basis. ...
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  • Nostalgic brands & iconic flavours for modern menus

    October 27, 2022
    As a chef, you know that taste is king. You also know the value of leaning on pantry staples to help you optimize your menus. You reap the rewards creatively and financially when you land on ingredients that can play the field, moving from savoury to sweet and bringing in rich, creamy texture, and when ...
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  • Restaurants need to tell the Canadian chicken story

    October 17, 2022
    Do you know where your chicken comes from? Unfortunately, less than half of Canadians know how their food gets to the table. With misleading and often unreliable information in the media, consumers are not always getting the truth about Canadian farmers. “We work really hard to help restaurants understand what’s different about Canadian chicken,” says Lisa ...
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