Innovative plant-based flavours: a Q&A with Fraser Fitzgerald

Fraser Fitzgerald is a Canadian plant-based chef, educator, and recipe developer. For almost a decade, he’s been igniting culinary passion with vibrant plant-based cuisine. From innovative recipes to restaurant insights, menu development and cooking instruction, Fraser’s expertise continues to be admired by the hospitality industry.

Fraser Fitzgerald

In our recent interview, we chatted with Fraser about his favourite flavours, ingredients, and plant-based dishes.

Can you share some signature techniques or flavour profiles that define your cooking style, and how do you incorporate them into menus?

Fraser: My culinary style revolves around celebrating the diversity of plant-based ingredients. I specialize in crafting simple, delicious recipes that appeal to everyone’s palate. When designing menus, I prioritize the preferences of my diners, ensuring each dish is familiar and flavourful.

Can you share some surprising flavour combinations or ingredient pairings that have been a hit in your kitchen recently?

Fraser: Lately, I’ve been exploring bold and briny flavour combinations, incorporating ingredients like capers, olives, pickles, and hot peppers. These vibrant flavours add a unique and innovative twist to many of my dishes.

How do you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to discovering new flavours and ingredients for your recipes?

Fraser: To stay at the forefront, I immerse myself in reading and observing chefs I admire. Additionally, my close relationships with local farmers provide me with access to fresh and exciting ingredients, keeping my recipes inspired and seasonal.


What advice would you give to chefs who are hesitant to create plant-based dishes?

Fraser: Keep your dishes simple and embrace the abundance of flavours and textures that vegetables offer. It doesn’t have to be complex: a well-thought-out plant-based option can be just as satisfying as any other dish on the menu.

What inspired you to incorporate Stonefire® Flatbread into your creation of the Vegan Beer Battered Fish Sandwich, and how does it elevate the dish compared to a traditional fish sandwich?

Fraser: Finding vegan flatbread can be challenging, and I wanted to showcase the versatility of this product. It’s also vegan certified which was also a bonus. The beer-battered fish is so crisp and light, and the Stonefire® flatbread complements this sandwich perfectly with its bubbly texture and hint of smoky flavour. It was a natural fit! Not to mention that mushrooms are also so dynamic and interesting. Move over, fish fillets!

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To learn more about Fraser follow him on Instagram @frasercooks and discover the possibilities for creating vegan dishes in your kitchen. Also, check out our recent article, Crafting culinary comfort: a Q&A with Dan Seidman.