It’s time to TURN UP the Heat for International Women’s Day

It’s a well-known fact that foodservice is a tough industry. It’s even tougher if you’re a woman – and yet, women across Canada continue to strive and succeed in culinary careers. On March 5, Canadian Women in Food (CWIF) is stirring things up for International Women’s Day with its TURN UP The Heat charity dinner event in Toronto.

A promotional image for Canadian Women In Food's TURN UP The Heat charity dinner features a colourful salad and the tagline "Have a Seat at Her Table."
Courtesy of Canadian Women in Food

The event celebrates women and their unique strengths every step of the way, from its carefully crafted logo – featuring two women’s hands in the shape of a flame – to the event’s beneficiaries: Building Roots, Sistering, and Red Door Family Shelter. The dinner is being hosted by Aphrodite Cooks, a successful Toronto catering company and cooking school headed by Chef Vanessa Yeung.

Founded in 2014, CWIF seeks to amplify the voices of female food entrepreneurs, and to cultivate a more inclusive space for all women working in food. This year, six fantastic female chefs are pushing boundaries with creative dishes, paired with wines from Benazzoli, featuring their “Dreams of a Woman” series. Chefs Miriam Echeverria, Cookie Martinez, Francoise Briet, Rossy Earle, Tonia Wilson, Doris Fin, and sommelier Katherine Mellin have drawn together to create a mouthwatering, six-course menu drawing on each of their unique culinary backgrounds and skills.

Tickets to TURN UP The Heat are available and going fast, so don’t miss the chance to be a part of this fabulous, female-forward event.

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