Is your children’s menu costing you customers?

By Sandra Brunton
Is your children's menu costing you customers?

As a restaurant owner, you need to have items that appeal to everyone who walks through the door. The kids menu is usually the last thing you think about when you are building a menu for your restaurant, but it shouldn’t be.

Think about it this way: These are your future customers — do you want their lasting impression of your restaurant to be mac & cheese? The time has come to start looking beyond the standard kids menu and start offering healthy, delicious choices for children that come to your restaurant. Most Canadian parents are very concerned about their kids’ health; if you don’t offer good choices for kids, health-conscious parents will skip your restaurant. Children like healthy food, but they like good-tasting healthy food like anyone else. Here are five tips for a great kids menu:

Offer a gluten-free option

Gluten-free is more than just a trend — parents of children with gluten allergies are constantly looking for new options for their kids. By offering a gluten-free item on your menu, you will appeal to a whole new audience. Easy, kid-friendly substitutes for gluten are: Quinoa or brown rice pasta; coconut flour or brown rice flour; and if you are looking to add some crunch, brown rice crumbs will do the trick.

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