Keep your business running smoothly – and safely

As a restaurant or hospitality business owner, your livelihood depends on running a reliable and smooth operation, minimizing downtime, and – above all – meeting your customers’ needs.

If guests aren’t treated to a comfortable and positive experience, they won’t return. Ensuring all your mechanical equipment is well-maintained and performing to the best of its ability is a crucial component of a successful foodservice and hospitality operation, from your water heating to your HVAC.

With Reliance Commercial Solutions, you can safeguard the present and the future of your business and ensure that guests and staff are comfortable and protect your bottom line.

Your environment matters

Any hospitality business owner who has faced the issue of faulty or poorly maintained equipment throughout their career will know just how problematic this can be.

Lack of adequate hot water can and often will lead to the need to shut down for repair or replacement at least in the short-term, creating a period of unwanted downtime for a restaurant that, in the current climate, you simply cannot afford. Not only is that a blow to your bottom line but it can result in disappointed customers and unpaid staff if the business is not operating as normal.

We all know how extreme Canadian temperatures can get, from the biting freeze of the winter to sauna-like heat and humidity in summer. Having an efficient and fully operational heating and air conditioning system is an absolute necessity for any business. In the sweltering summer, any problems with HVAC can create a range of unwelcome issues for your operation, including lack of comfort for your guests and staff.

In fact, insufficient ventilation poses far more than just the risk of discomfort and unhappiness. In today’s climate, after two years of an airborne virus pandemic, poor ventilation means greater risk to your guests and your staff. Indoor air quality is increasingly recognized as a key method of infection control. Not only that, but in a commercial kitchen, there is constant exhaustion of air from grills and kitchens. If the indoor conditions are off, it will be unappealing for visitors, lead to unsanitary conditions with uncomfortable guests and staff and bad odours, and pose a fire risk.

Protect your business

Thankfully, Reliance offers a range of solutions that can offer invaluable peace of a mind at a time when there is slim to no margin of error for your business.

Reliance offers a buyback and rental program designed to boost your bottom line and help take the load of mechanical equipment maintenance and care off your shoulders.

Exclusive to Reliance Commercial Solutions™, the Reliance Buyback Program is a way for business owners who own their current water heaters, boilers, or HVAC equipment to transfer ownership of their equipment to Reliance for funds that can be used for other investments in your business. If your equipment meets the right criteria, you could be eligible to earn up to $20,000* that can be reinvested in other areas of your operation and ultimately improve your bottom line.

After the buyback is complete, Reliance assumes ownership of your old equipment, meaning you never have to worry about the costs associated with repairing or maintaining your heating and cooling equipment. Renting with Reliance eliminates the risks associated with equipment ownership and the risk of downtime due to equipment failure, with no extra repair or service costs.

In addition, Reliance has 800+ licensed HVAC and water heater technicians, installers, electricians, and plumbers available for round-the-clock customer service and same-day response times to provide the expertise and peace of mind needed to keep your essential facilities running smoothly and avoid downtime that could be costly for your business.

As the owner of a hospitality business, you have suffered enough over the last two years. Teaming up with Reliance ensures you can rest easy knowing your equipment is being cared for by experts and allows you to reap the reward of benefits for property management and residents alike.

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